Benefits of Rekeying Locks

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Discover How Rekeying Locks from a Trusted Locksmith Can Be the Best Solution for You

For people who need to frequently change out their locks, such as landlords or businessowners, it can be costly to switch locks each time a new tenant moves in or an unhappy employee is let go. While keeping your home and office secure is important to you, the time and cost it takes to replace your locks can be a little much. One solution that is frequently overlooked is lock rekeying.

Rekeying locks is much simpler than changing locks completely as it just involves changing the innerworkings of the lock system to open for a new key. All the keys that fit the old lock system will no longer work, keeping anyone out that doesn’t have the new keys. If you are still unsure about the advantages of lock rekeying, consider these four ways that our lock rekeying service at Alford Safe and Lock can benefit you and the security of your property.


Rekeying Locks let's you keep your existing hardware like your door handle

Keep Your Existing Hardware


As they always say, if it’s not broke then don’t fix it. When you have your locks rekeyed, there’s no need to replace your locks, handles, or any of the other hardware that your door has. Since lock rekeying only requires replacing the inner workings of your lock to work for a new key, the hardware that is regularly seen stays exactly the same. You don’t have to shop for new locks or change the way your door looks. It’s a very subtle way to change your lock security without replacing all the hardware.


More Cost-Effective Than Replacing Your Locks

Unless your locks and hardware are broken or damaged, there’s no reason to spend the money on replacing both. If you have ever replaced the hardware on your lock system, you know that it can be a costly process. Not only is there the cost of buying new hardware, but there is also the added labor cost needed to install the new locks and hardware in your doors. When you’re looking for a way to update your security without dropping a ton of money, consider rekeying the locks.


Rekeying locks gives you back your security

Good for People Needing New Security Right Away

If you’ve lost your key or feel uneasy about an old employee or roommate having the key to your property, you’ll need to change out your current key system right away. Because you get to keep all of your current door hardware, professional locksmiths are able to come to your property and rekey the locks you need to have changed in no time for a faster and easier security solution.


Create a Master Key System for Better Access Control

One unique feature of rekeying versus replacing your locks is that you can have one master key that can work on all your locks. The way a master key system is set up is that you are given one key that works on all locks in your home or office while your employees or other keyholders are given keys that only work on the locks that you wish for them to open. This system provides your property with an access control solution while taking the hassle out of your day to manage just one key versus several ones.

Whether you own a residential, commercial, or industrial property, the professional locksmiths at Alford Safe and Lock are able to rekey your current lock system. Our highly experienced and skilled technicians can have your locks rekeyed in no time, giving you a sense of security instantly. Call us today at (225) 387-5386 to get started on rekeying your locks to

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