Benefits of Changing to Keypad Door Locks

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No More Digging for Your Keys When You Have Keypad Door Locks Installed

We’ve all had at least one moment in our life where we have spent too long digging around our pockets, bags, car seats, and even searching through our home or office looking for our keys. When we finally do find our keys, we still have to get the right one into the lock without it getting tangled in everything we’re carrying. This used to be a major headache for nearly everyone until keypad door locks were designed for both commercial and residential use.

The rise in popularity for keypad door lock systems didn’t happen simply because they are more convenient and save people a few extra minutes in their day. What makes this keyless lock system so popular for homeowners and businesses is that they remove the problems in our security that traditional locks pose. For people who are still unsure about the benefits of switching to a keyless entry system, here are four advantages you can expect when you upgrade to keypad door locks.

No More Worrying About Spare Keys

Keys you don't need to worry about with a keypad lock

Spare keys get lost, misused, and can even be duplicated by other people. Handing out spare keys or hiding them under a doormat can be very risky because they can be easily found by the wrong hands. For business owners, it can be extra challenging when terminated employees still have keys to their place of business.

Keypad door locks give you the power to better manage who can enter the property using an access code system. Rather than hiding a spare key somewhere outside for your babysitter or pet sitter to search for, you can give them a specific combination that they can use to enter with ease.

Easily Change Your Lock Code at Any TimeA keypad lock you can change the code to at any time

Giving out your lock combination to several people does pose as much of a risk as handing out copies of your key. One major advantage to keypad door lock systems though is that changing the code on your lock system is as easy as changing the passcode on your phone. This adds more convenience to you if you need to restrict access to your property right away.

If you do ever do feel as though your safety is at risk, all you would have to do is simply follow the directions from your system to change the code. You don’t have to call your dedicated locksmith each time you wish to change your code like you would when you need to rekey your locks.

Your Doors Will Automatically Lock Behind You

Traditional door locks never have an automatic lock feature like keyless locks have. With a keypad door lock system, you simply enter your code, walk inside, and let your locks automatically latch when you close the door behind you.  This gives you the added benefit of not having to worry about whether or not you locked the doors at night or while you’re away – your lock system will take care of that for you.

Fast, Easy Installation

Alford Safe and Lock has a wide variety of keyless door lock system models that will provide you the security features you need to feel more secure in your home or office. We help you choose the right keypad door lock for your needs and budget and can install your new lock system without any hassle. As the premier locksmith company in Baton Rouge, our technicians are trained to install any kind of lock, including keypad locks, quickly and correctly.

Get your keypad door lock system set up in no time with Alford Safe and Lock.

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