What to do if Your Key Breaks

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A Key Break Doesn’t Mean You are Out of Luck. Call a Locksmith for Your Broken Key.

It can happen when you’re in a hurry or when you haven’t used a particular lock in a good while. You have the key in the lock and you twist it quickly expecting to hear the usual click, but instead, you hear a snap and look down to see only part of your key in your hand. Breaking a key happens more often than you might think. A lock could be damaged, your key could be worn, or you could have simply twisted it wrong to end up with a broken key. When your key breaks, look to do the following steps.

Removing the Broken Key

If your key breaks off at a point where you still have some of it sticking out from the lock, then you are a lucky person as this isn’t normally the case. A piece of key still sticking out of the lock means you have a chance of removing it yourself. If there’s a good bit, you might be able to grab the broken key with your hand. If there’s only a small section of the broken key sticking out from the lock, you may need to grab some pliers. If you do try to remove the key yourself, be extremely careful. Jerking the key out too quickly or at a wrong angle can damage your locks.

Call a Locksmith A man calling a locksmith after his key broke

If there isn’t a piece of the key sticking out of the lock, you will most likely need to call a locksmith. Sticking anything in the lock to try and pry the broken piece out will result in damaging your locks, and you will have to replace the entire set.

A locksmith, on the other hand, has the specific tools and skills needed to extract the broken key part without causing more damage to your locks. Whether you were running out the door before work or trying to come back home after a night out, Alford Safe and Lock can help you with your broken key with our emergency service that is available for when you need it most.

a locksmith rekeying a lock Rekey Your Locks

You may be thinking that you have to replace your entire lock if your key breaks inside of it, but that isn’t necessarily the case. A locksmith from Alford Safe and Lock may be able to rekey your lock or even fix your broken key for you. A skilled locksmith can often fix your broken key, saving you from having to do anything more with your locks. If this is not possible, however, your locksmith can rekey your locks.

Rekeying your lock will save you time and money if your lock is internally damaged. Rekeying your lock changes out only the internal structure of the lock system so that you don’t need to replace all of the hardware. The new internal structure will work with a new key that your locksmith will provide. It removes accessibility from your previous keys and prevents you from having to replace all of your door’s locking hardware.

Rekeying is a faster and more cost-effective way of repairing your locks than replacing them entirely. It is the ideal solution for safety and if your locking mechanism was damaged when your key broke.

If your key breaks in your lock, don’t panic. Call a locksmith at Alford Safe and Lock today. We will help you extract the broken key, assess the damage to your lock, and rekey them if necessary. With emergency service, you’ll never be left alone when you need to lock your doors or open them up.

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