Common Types of Door Lock Problems

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When Door Lock Problems Arise, It’s Best to Have a Professional Locksmith Take a Look

We never really think about the problems that our locks can have until it happens. But the thing is, door lock problems can happen at any time. Whether it’s your home or commercial office building’s door locks that are causing you trouble, it’s a problem you shouldn’t ignore. Your locks are made to keep you and your belongings secure. If you are experiencing problems with your locks, it’s best to have them taken care of right away.

Key Does Not Turn the LockA key that won't turn in the lock

Locks that are too difficult to turn are easy to spot because as you turn the key in the lock, it feels as though you are pushing too hard to twist the key to either lock or unlock the door. Then as you try to pull the key out, it feels like a game of tug of war. When this situation happens, it is best to not force the lock to turn.

Any forcible motions could cause the key to break inside the lock or cause internal damage in the lock’s mechanics. Instead, try to lubricate the lock with Houdini Spray to loosen up the lock. If you still find that the lock is too difficult to open, call the locksmiths at Alford Safe and Lock to help you get your lock fixed right away and to prevent any further damage.

Key Turns but Doesn’t Lock

Similar to the situation above, the lock does not seem to budge as you twist the key. However, in this scenario, the key turns normally in the lock but the actual lock does not budge. When this happens, more than likely, there is a problem in the lock mechanism. The internal structure of the lock may have worn down parts or parts that have been loosened over years of use.

A jammed lock like this is a problem that is best diagnosed and repaired by professional locksmiths.  They can handle any problems that the lock has in its internal workings. Any forceful turning or jabbing with the key inside the lock could result in further damage to your lock.

The Locks Don’t Latch at All

A door that does not seal shut when you try to close it can leave you vulnerable to unauthorized home or office building entries. When the latch or deadbolt does not go into the slot in the door strike, it indicates that the door’s hardware is misaligned. This can occur if the hardware was not properly set up or there is a problem with the doorframe itself.

Because this door problem has more to do with the hardware than the internal structure of the lock, there are simple fixes to this problem you can do yourself. The two easiest solutions you can do are either to make the hole bigger or realign the door so that the latch or deadbolt properly fasten.

A man calling a locksmith for his door lock problemsWhen You Should Call a Locksmith for Your Door Lock Problems

Some problems you may face have simple solutions that you can do yourself. For example, most problems that deal with the door hardware can be as simple as tightening the screws on the door handle or knob.

However, should there be a problem involving the lock mechanism or internal workings of the lock, call the experts at Alford Safe and Lock to repair or replace your locks quickly and efficiently. The sooner you get your locks repaired, the sooner your home or office will be safe once again.

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