Why You Need a Deadbolt – Alford Safe and Lock’s Perspective

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Deadbolt Locks Give You Better Security and Peace of Mind

At some point, every homeowner has questions about the security of their home. Questions vary from “What makes my home the most secure?” to “What can I do today to protect my family from intruders?” One simple addition you can make to your home today to improve security is installing deadbolts. Deadbolts are the first line of defense to keep unwanted visitors out of your home. So, let’s explore deadbolts—why they matter, what types there are, and what the experts at Alford Safe and Lock recommend for maximum security.

Picture of a deadboltHow Are Deadbolts Different from Conventional Door Locks?

Let’s start with the following question – how are deadbolts different from regular door locks? To answer this question, we first need to look at the design of a conventional door lock and a deadbolt. Conventional door locks have a spring-loaded design meaning the lock mechanism is only held in place by a spring. A conventional door lock can be tampered with easily by applying force. Regular door locks are self-contained—the only thing standing between someone and the inside of your home is that flimsy lock spring.

A deadbolt, on the other hand, locks when a steel bolt gets moved into a steel plate and depression in the door frame by a key or a knob. This means a deadbolt can’t be easily jimmied or jarred open because the lock won’t turn without the proper rotation of the cylinder. Also, whereas a conventional door lock only has itself to stop an intruder, deadbolts lock into the door frame, which makes it much more difficult to tamper with than normal door locks.

At Alford Safe and Lock, we have a saying, “A conventional knob lock is only there to keep the door closed when the wind blows. A deadbolt is where security comes from.”

Why Deadbolt Locks Matter

According to the FBI, in 2017, there were an estimated 1.4 million burglaries. The combined property loss resulting from those burglaries was estimated at $3.4 billion, and the average dollar amount lost per burglary offense was $2,416. Burglary can be devastating and not just monetarily, they also devastate homeowners emotionally. Your home is your sanctuary. It’s probably the most important place in the world to you and your family. There’s nothing worse than coming home from work to find that sanctuary vandalized by a burglar.

Adding a deadbolt to your home can significantly reduce the chance of your home being burglarized. Deadbolts are graded by the American National Standards Institute. They can be graded from one to three or not graded at all, meaning they don’t meet even the lowest standard. At Alford Safe and Lock, we recommend a grade two deadbolt for residences. These deadbolts are designed to survive 800,000 openings and closings and five strikes with 75 pounds of force. A high-quality deadbolt, strong door, and sturdy door frame make it much more difficult for a thief to kick in your front door and gain unlawful entrance into your home.

Single cylinder deadboltWhich Deadbolt is Right for You?

Deciding that you do, in fact, want a deadbolt for your home is the first step to making your home more secure. Now you have to choose which deadbolt is right for you and your family. Alford Safe and Lock offers three different types of deadbolts: single cylinder, double cylinder, and keyless cylinder deadbolts.

Single cylinder deadbolts operate with a key on the outside and a thumb knob on the inside. Keep in mind that if your door has a window, it could be possible for someone to break the glass and simply turn the knob. However, if you need to leave your home quickly, like in the event of a fire, this type of deadbolt is the safest to have.

Double cylinder deadbolts operate with a key on both sides of the lock. These deadbolts cannot simply be breached by breaking the glass and flipping the knob, however, if there is a fire and you can’t find your key, you may have to break a window to get out of your home. If you choose to use a double cylinder lock, we recommend that you keep a spare key close to your door inside your home that can be easily reached in case of an emergency.

Keyless cylinder deadbolts have a thumb knob on the inside and a keypad on the outside. At Alford Safe and Lock, we recommend Schlage Keyless deadbolts to all our customers. These locks are 100 percent bump- and pick-proof. They allow up to 30 unique access codes, and you can create and delete codes remotely to give access to visitors or remove access if a code becomes compromised. We find these locks are of excellent quality and are the best residential option for deadbolts.

To make your home more secure against burglaries and give yourself peace of mind, call Alford Safe and Lock and get a deadbolt installed today.

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