Benefits of Choosing a Smart Lock for Your Home

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Thinking of Upgrading Your Traditional Door Locks to Smart Locks? Here are Some Reasons You Should

Anyone who has stood by the door for 10 minutes trying to find their house key at the bottom of their bag knows how frustrating traditional locks can be. Smart locks are changing the game in home security and convenience. Smart locks are keyless door locks that allow you to open your door without a physical key, and most models feature a keypad for entering unique access codes.

With smart locks providing keyless entry features and control at the touch of a button, it’s no wonder homeowners are making the switch. If you still aren’t convinced, here are some good reasons to consider calling Alford Safe and Lock and changing your conventional locks to smart locks.

Picture of keys and why it's better to choose a smart lock.Kiss Those Spare Keys Goodbye with a Smart Lock

If you’ve ever locked yourself out of the house, you know how frustrating it can be. With a smart lock, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with your keys. Most smart locks either have a numeric keypad or can be unlocked with a tap of your mobile device. Even better, you won’t have to worry about where to hide a spare key outside. While some homeowners may keep a spare on their property, it really isn’t safe to do so as many burglars will search for a spare key to gain entry into your home. When you switch to a smart lock, you only need your code to open your door.

Smart locks also make it easier when you have maintenance workers on your property or a family member coming over to keep an eye on your home while you are away. Most smart locks store multiple codes at once, so you don’t have to make spare keys for everyone. Instead, you can create a unique temporary code for your visitor, and when that person no longer needs access to your home, you can simply delete the code from the system.

Control Your Doors—Anytime, Anywhere

Smart locks allow you to take better control of your home security. Most smart locks connect to your wireless internet and through an app that allows you to keep tabs on your locks from anywhere. If you need to unlock or lock your doors when you are away from home, you can simply access the app to do so. You can also set notifications to remind yourself to lock your doors once you’ve left your home.

With the ability to set unique codes, you will always know who is coming or going. Most smart lock systems keep a log of which code is used and when, so you will be able to see exactly who is entering your home. You can also set up your smart lock to notify you when specific codes are entered.

A person using their cell phone to access the benefits of a smart lock. Smart Locks are Safe and Simple

Smart locks employ technology that make both your family’s life and your own life safer and simpler. You never have to worry about your children getting locked out because they forgot to bring their key or the dangers of a lost or stolen key. Also, a smart lock without a key entry cannot be picked or “bumped” which decreases the chances of a break-in.

Smart locks can even save you time in your daily routine. You can set up a schedule on most smart locks which will lock or unlock your doors at certain times of the day, so you can rest easy knowing your home is always safe and secure.

Upgrade Your Locks Today with Alford Safe and Lock

At Alford Safe and Lock, we know how important it is to keep your home and your family safe. That’s why we offer different types of Schlage and Kwikset keyless locks. We have a variety locks that can match any color or style. If you have any questions about smart locks or what we recommend, give Alford Safe and Lock a call today!

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