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What Does “Rekeying a Lock” Mean?

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Understand What Rekeying a Lock Means to Make a More Informed Buying Decision Regarding Your Locks

Rekeying a lock may sound a little strange, but it is actually a fairly common, money-saving locksmith service. Especially when compared to replacing the lock with a new one. “Wait, are you saying that there’s a more cost-effective alternative to replacing my locks?” Yes, depending on the current status of your locks, rekeying your locks can be a less expensive method to make your home or office more secure.

Far too often, unprofessional locksmiths will try to take advantage of people who either do not know about lock rekeying or do not understand the difference between the two services. At Alford Safe and Lock, we want you to feel confident in your lock service decision and know that you are getting the best choice for your security and wallet.

To help you become more familiar with lock rekeying, we have provided everything you need to know so that you understand what the service entails and if it is the best option for you.

A locksmith rekeying a lockWhat is Rekeying a Lock?

In a nutshell, rekeying a lock is when a locksmith changes the components of your current lock to work with a different set of keys. To rekey a lock, we take the lock apart and alter inside the lock mechanism, or the lock pins. These pins are aligned to work with the grooves of your current key. By altering the pins to work with a new key’s grooves, we are able to make the lock work with the new key and remove access for the old key. Instead of replacing the entire lock to work with a different key, we are able to simply change which key works with your current lock. The process only takes minutes to complete, making it faster and cheaper than replacing the entire lock.

When Rekeying Locks is the Best Choice

In many situations, rekeying a lock is a better option than replacing the lock entirely. You can even rekey your locks to make one key work on several different locks to reduce the number of keys you have to carry around with you. If your locks are still in good shape, ask your locksmith about lock rekeying if you:

  • Lost your current key or a copy of your key
  • Want to remove someone’s access who currently has a key copy
  • Moved into a new place and are unsure if the old tenants have copies of the keys
  • Are a landlord and have new tenants moving into the property
  • Want one key to work on multiple different locks (master key system)

Rekeying a lock.When You Should Replace Your Locks

Although there are several benefits to rekeying your locks, there are some situations when lock rekeying may not be an option. So, if your locksmith recommends replacing your locks, do not automatically assume he or she is trying to make you pay for a service you don’t need. This is why it is extremely important to always call a locksmith company that you can trust to give you the most honest advice.

A locksmith may recommend having your locks replaced if:

Need More Information on Lock Rekeying? Contact Alford Safe and Lock Today

When it comes to providing you with the most accurate information regarding locks, we are the experts in the industry. As the premier locksmith company in Baton Rouge, our rekeying service has been trusted by residents and businessowners since 1946. If you have any questions or are in need of our lock rekeying service, contact Alford Safe and Lock today!

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