Tips for Hiding Your Spare Key

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Hiding Your Spare Key Is More Than Just Convenience – It’s About Your Home’s Security

When it comes to the safety of your home, hiding your spare key is as important as locking your doors. Without a proper hiding spot, thieves and other trespassers can come and go through your home without your knowledge. As the premier locksmith company in Baton Rouge, we have a few tips for you to keep in mind when you are choosing the ideal place to hide your spare key.

Make Your Hiding Spot Look Natural

In our previous blog, we recommended that you avoid hiding your spare key in a fake rock or object. There are, however, a few exceptions. If you place the fake rock near real rocks so it blends in naturally with the scenery, your spare key can remain safe and hidden. The same goes for a fake sprinkler head or statue. But if the object stands out to you, it will stand out to thieves too. Be sure only to use a decoy object to hide your spare key if you feel confident that a person would not suspect a key is inside it.

Avoid Hiding Your Spare Key in a Place That is in Plain View

Even if you do choose to buy a quality fake rock or sprinkler head that fits in naturally with your yard’s scenery, make sure others can’t see you accessing your hiding spot. If a person on the street can clearly see you opening the object your key is hiding in or under, then your key is no longer hidden. Hide your key on the side of your home or in the backyard so that you can safely access it without curious bystanders seeing your every move.

Lockbox to hide a spare keyIf You Want to Hide Your Key in a Safe Place, Buy a Key Storage Lockbox

Conceal your spare key in a place only you and your household can access, such as a spare key lockbox. A spare key box secures up your key so that it cannot be accessed without a combination code. Most importantly, a key box is securely mounted to the wall, so the box cannot be stolen like a statue or rock can. We sell a variety of lockboxes with digital keypad and combination lock options that our licensed locksmiths can install. Our spare key boxes not only protect your key from thieves, but they are also weather resistant – a big perk for those living in Louisiana.

Don’t Let Everyone Know Where Your Spare Key is Hidden

You’ve told your family, neighbors, dog walker, house cleaner, and even your former house cleaner where the spare key is located. Even if you trust the people you told, you never know whom they told or whom the other people in your household told. The more people who know where your spare key is, the higher the chance that someone may steal or misplace it.

And if your key is stolen or misplaced, you will not only be out of a spare key but your safety will not be guaranteed. To restore your home’s security and your safety, you would then have to get your locks rekeyed and buy a new set of keys.

Switch Up Your Spare Key Hiding Spot If You Can

For your safety, we recommend that you switch up your spare key’s hiding place regularly. This is to make sure that people who no longer have permission to enter your home cannot. If you have a lockbox for your spare key, you simply need to change the code when you wish to remove a person’s access to your key. A simple change-up can help reduce the number of people who know where your spare key is and have access to your home without your permission.

A woman calling to switch to electronic locks to avoid spare keysIf You Are Using Your Spare Key Too Much, Consider Switching to Electronic Locks

Electronic locks, or keypad door locks, are a great alternative to the traditional lock system. Rather than having to manage your keys, you simply use an access code system to control who has access. The people who need access to your home can be given a temporary code. When they no longer need access to your home, you can change the code, which only takes seconds for you to do.

Protect Your Home and Spare Keys with Alford Safe and Lock

Our store has an abundance of products that can effectively hide your spare key and protect your home. Visit or store and talk to our certified technicians about how you can improve your home’s security today.

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