3 Ways a Cheap Locksmith Costs You More

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3 Ways a Cheap Locksmith Charges You More than a Quality Locksmith Without You Noticing

Everyone wants the cheapest possible solution to save money. But, when it comes to hiring cheap locksmiths, you may want to think again. Cheap locksmiths can be more expensive in the long run.  From scams to upcharges, a cheap locksmith can be your worst nightmare and the more expensive solution. When looking for a locksmith, we suggest hiring one that is fair-priced and provides quality services, or you may suffer from the following problems.

The Dangers of Cheap Locksmiths

Cheap Locksmith Force the More Expensive SolutionAn old key hole that a cheap locksmith will replace more expensively

Whether it’s from lack of experience or from wanting to make more money from unsuspecting customers, a common technique of cheap locksmiths is forcing an unnecessarily expensive solution for a minor problem. For example, if you’re worried about someone having access to your home that shouldn’t, a cheap locksmith may insist that you replace all your lock hardware. This may sound like the only solution, but a quality locksmith will know that you can remove access by simply rekeying your locks, a much less expensive solution.

Cheap locksmiths regularly upsell their customers and get away with it easily because the customer is usually in a tight spot of emergency or urgency. The advertised cheap price is never what you end up paying when you hire a cheap locksmith that only wants to sell the most expensive solution.

Cheap Locksmiths Bill You Unfairlymoney a customer used to pay a cheap locksmith

Cheap locksmiths will also regularly charge you unfairly for their services. There is no set standard on how a locksmith must charge for their services, but you can ask how they charge for their services and how much it will cost to avoid an unfair bill. Locksmiths may charge minimum service fees, per mileage, per hour, per service, or a combination. When you see an advertised cheap price, be sure to ask how they calculate ALL of their fees and how they charge for services. What’s advertised as a $50 relocking service can easily turn into a $400 bill when they factor in additional fees.

Quality and fair locksmiths such as Alford Safe and Lock will be upfront and honest about their service charges. If you are unsure about whether you are getting a good quote from a reliable locksmith, learn about the signs of a locksmith scam and how to avoid them.

Cheap Locksmiths Use Cheap Products

Another way a cheap locksmith will end up costing you more money, in the long run, is by using cheap products. Cheap locksmiths will install locks with inner mechanisms made of plastic, which will break more quickly than locks made of metal. As these plastic locks break more quickly and more easily, you’ll end up replacing your lock again in a short amount of time. Replacing cheap locks every few years is not going to save you money. Alford Safe and Lock uses high-quality lock and key products to ensure your locks last a long time with no difficulties.

When it comes to cheap locksmiths, it’s best to stay away. Hiring a fair and quality locksmith will ensure you’re not scammed out of your money and that the products they provide will last you for a long time. For more information or to hire a trusted local locksmith, call Alford Safe and Lock at 225-387-5386.

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