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Why Big Box Store Safes are Not Secure

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Buying Safes From Big Box Stores May Leave You More Vulnerable to Thefts

No one wants an unsecured safe. One of the best ways to make it a piece of cake for burglars to loot your safe is choosing to buy a big box store safe instead of investing in a high quality safe.

What is a Big Box Store Safe?

“Big box stores” are large retail companies. These major retailers sell safes at a cheaper price, but they are poorer quality. People looking for an affordable safe often go to find one at any one of these stores. People also get easily persuaded to purchase safes online because they are usually the first ones to pop up in a search but that doesn’t ensure that their purchase will be a quality, durable safe.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Big Box Store Safe?Closeup of a locked padlock

The top reason not to purchase a safe at a big box store is quality. These stores use lower quality materials to build their safes. Cheap plastic parts are used in the locks, and the walls of the safes are typically made with a thinner metal. In addition, the sizes of these safes are smaller, making it easier for burglars to pick up, steal, and break into with a crowbar or hammer. Safes sold at a trusted safe and lock company like Alford Safe and Lock are bigger in size and can be bolted to the floor for extra theft prevention.

What You Should Look for in a Quality SafeOpening of a safe by typing in security code

  • Wall/Door Thickness

Safe doors should be built with a thick, sturdy steel or heavy metal. The thickness of safes is built to withstand the power of a fire. Big box store safes don’t always follow this standard, leaving your valuables up for an easy theft with the help of a hammer.

  • Quality Lock

A high-quality lock, digital or manual, is an important shopping decision while shopping for a sturdy safe. Big box store safes use cheap, plastic materials in the locks that can easily be broken by a thief or even yourself by accident.

  • Weight

Investing in a heavier safe is a smart decision. When shopping, keep in mind that weight per unit volume lets you know if a safe is suitably built. You can tell the difference between safes from different manufacturers close in size with a simple calculation. The calculation of weight per cubic inch (or foot) will give you the results to compare, but only in safes similar in size. This method of measurement helps you determine variables that cannot be seen or known when comparing safes.

  • Drop Rating

High-quality safes have a drop rating of 35 feet so burglars can’t open it just by dropping the safe. Big box store safes are made with materials too light, leaving it vulnerable to thefts compared to buying a secure safe from a safe and lock company.

  • Price

Everyone wants to get a good deal, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp when buying a safe. Safes keep your most treasured personal belongs protected from potential burglaries or house fires. You get what you pay for, and although a lower price tag at a big box store looks more attractive, it probably won’t serve you the best in function.

Don’t Fall for the Big Box Price Tag

Choose a quality safe today with the help of our certified technicians at Alford Safe and Lock. We can help you find the right safe that best suits you and your needs. Call our locksmiths at 225-387-5386.

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