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Lock Impressioning Vs. Lock Picking

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What is Lock Impressioning?

Lock impressioning is an excellent, non-damaging technique used to create a working key from a lock. It’s useful for property owners because lock impressioning can save you time and money.

A trained locksmith inserts a blank key into the lock and manipulates it so that the lock pins leave impressions on the blank key. Then, these impressions are filed down, and the key is inserted again. After several cycles of inserting the blank key and filing it down to match the impressions, the key is fitted to the lock. Once the key turns and the doors opens, the process is complete. Not only are you able to open the lock and enter the door, you now have a new working key for the lock that will last a long time.

Lock Impressioning Vs. Lock PickingCloseup of hands using picking tools to open locked door

Lock picking is when you use special tools to push the pins on a lock in and unlock the door. It is a useful technique if you’ve locked your keys inside the house you are trying to get into. However, it’s pointless for those who have lost or damaged their key, and don’t have a backup.

The main difference between lock picking and lock impressioning is that lock picking gives you a one-time entry into a locked door, whereas lock impressioning gives you a key to unlock the door whenever you need to in the future.

Benefits of Lock ImpressioningKeys in door lock after lock impressioning

There are many advantages of using lock impressioning to gain entry to a space. The most important benefit of lock impressioning is that it gives you entry into your home, and a working key for the future, killing two birds with one stone. You don’t even need an original key to get the new copy with this technique.

Lock impressioning requires no disassembly or damage to your locks. The process is safe and conservative compared to dismantling the entire lock system or picking around inside of the lock with various tools. Lock impressioning is also quick and efficient. The process can be completed in as little as 15 minutes by trained experts like the locksmiths at Alford Safe & Lock. Even if you do have a key for the lock elsewhere, we always recommend having a spare key.

Alford Safe & Lock’s Quick and Easy Lock Impressioning Services

If you’re in need of a trustworthy, professional locksmith to help you gain access to a locked door, and create a working key for future use, call Alford Safe & Lock. Our skilled and experienced locksmiths are ready to assist you immediately. When you hire Alford Safe & Lock for our highly efficient lock impressioning services, we’ll come directly to you and create a working key for you in no time.

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