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How to Improve Front Door Security

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Your Front Door Security is Vital to Protecting Your Home

The front door is the most common entry point for burglars. To keep your home and family safe from intruders, you need to make sure your front door security is top notch. Here are the different ways you can improve your front door security.

Get Locks Serviced and Checked

The first step in making sure your front door security is up to standard is checking your current locks to see if they are damaged or worn out. A damaged or outdated lock is an opportunity for an intruder to break into your home. You can have your locks checked and serviced by a professional locksmith to make sure there are no holes in your front door security. Sometimes the solution is as simple as lubricating stiff locks with Houdini, an industry standard spray that cleans, lubricates, and drives moisture out of locks, which can be purchased at Alford Safe and Lock. You can also reinforce current locks with a cylinder guard, which is a steel ring that prevents burglars from prying your locks off.

Expert locksmiths, like the ones at Alford Safe & Lock, will be able to tell you if your locks are functioning effectively, if you need a small fix to improve your current lock security, or if it’s time for a lock replacement. Alford Safe & Lock provides high quality damaged lock repair services as well as lock replacement services.

Reinforce Current Locks to Add to Your Front Door SecurityDoor hand ajar, leaving it open for burglars

If your current locks are working fine, but don’t provide enough security, you can reinforce them to make it more difficult for an intruder to breach them. Cylinder guards are an excellent add-on for that extra layer of security. A cylinder guard is a hard, steel ring that is installed around your lock cylinder. It prevents burglars from prying your locks off to gain entry to your home.

A solid strike plate is also a great way to make it extremely difficult for an intruder to kick in your door. A solid strike plate is a hard, metal plate that surrounds where a deadbolt enters a door frame. This is an excellent way to reinforce older, wooden doorframes that could otherwise splinter and give way after a hard kick.

Get a Deadbolt Installed

If your front door doesn’t have a deadbolt lock, you need one. Deadbolts give your front door the maximum protection against forceful entry. Deadbolts are nearly impossible to breach with a crowbar or knife, because they don’t have a spring like standard locks. A deadbolt requires a lot of time and extreme physical strength to break, so it’s a bad move for intruders to attempt to break into a door with a deadbolt if they need to get in and out in a flash.

Upgrade to Electronic LocksPerson installing new locks to improve front door security

If you are considering upgrading your front door locks, electronic locks, also known as smart locks, are a great option. They offer high security, efficiency, and ease of use. Keypad locks are extremely high security locks that deter most intruders. There is no keyhole for burglars to manipulate with these types of locks. They are resistant to lock picking and lock bumping.

Aside from the benefit of increased security, keypad locks are also more efficient and convenient for you and your family. There is no danger of losing or damaging your house key. If you forget to lock your home, many electronic locks also come with a remote locking feature that you can access with your smartphone to lock the door from anywhere.

Keypad locks also provide excellent control of access because you can give your friend, babysitter, or cleaner the code, and there is no need to hide a spare key in a potted plant (a major security mistake). The codes are short, easy to remember, and easy to change. Alford Safe & Lock offers a wide selection of high-quality electronic locks, as well as efficient electronic lock installation and electronic lock programming services.

Call Alford Safe & Lock to Upgrade Your Front Door Security

Maintaining your front door security is extremely important to protect your property and your family. If you want to upgrade your front door security, call Alford Safe & Lock today. We’re the experts in locksmithing and home security. We’ll see what we can do to help you better secure your home. We’ll make sure your Baton Rouge home is a fortress. Call Alford Safe & Lock today!

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