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Benefits of Owning a Key Lockbox

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How Key Lockboxes Benefit Your Home or Business

Key lockboxes are a great way to let yourself into your home when you don’t have your key on hand. They’re also great for allowing guests in when you can’t be at your home to unlock the door for them, such as Airbnb guests. A key lockbox is much like a miniature safe that holds the keys to a residential or commercial business. Lockboxes can be attached to a door handle or mounted on a wall. Much like other locks, they come in different sizes, models, and security levels.

Who Benefits from Using a Key Lockbox?

Lockboxes can make life easier for many different professions. The most common type of profession that can benefit from a key lockbox is a realtor. In the real estate industry, realtors need access to a home to show it to a lot of potential buyers. A lockbox can give realtors secure and easy access to a home with minimal hassle since the key will always be at the home’s location.

Another example is property managers, such as Airbnb renters or apartment landlords who need to give expected guests access to a residence.

A key lockbox is also beneficial to small businesses that need someone to go into a building after business hours. Typically, access should only be granted to trusted employees or managers.

Models of Key LockboxesRealtor using key lockbox to show potential buyers a new home

Dial Combination

This type of lockbox is identical to the ones you would see on a locker. You must use the right number combination to open the box. This type of key lockbox is very secure when the combination is kept as a tight-lipped secret.

Push Button

Push button lockboxes also unlock with a combination of numbers. Except, the combination is inputted by pressing a series of buttons in the correct order. This type of key lockbox is easier to open because of the buttons, but you should be wary of anyone peeking over your shoulder to read the combination.


This key lockbox uses a unique key to open. It may sound strange to use a key to open a safe containing keys, but this could be useful if you want as much security as possible. With only one key, provided that copies haven’t been made, this gives incredibly limited access into a lockbox. Just be careful not to lose this key!


For a more high-tech option, you may want to look into an electronic key lockbox. This techier model displays a screen to input a combination or password. There are some versions of this lockbox that can be programmed to identify different people, such as employees, with their own combination or password.

How to Make Your Key Lockbox More SecureImage of a well protected key lockbox

No matter which model you choose, it’s always a safe bet to take extra precautions for an even more secure lockbox. A few tips include:

  • Change the lock code after each guest/employee leaves
  • Keep the lockbox away from street access
  • Disguise or hide your lockbox

Lockboxes provide a convenient solution for property owners in a number of ways. If you’re considering using a key lockbox, then talk to the locksmith professionals at Alford Safe & Lock in Baton Rouge to learn more.

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