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What to Do If You Lose Your Keys

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Lost Your Keys Again? Here’s What You Should Do to Find Them

Losing your house and car keys is easy to do. They’re small items you carry around all day, every day, that can easily hide in the pockets of your purse or pants, so it’s no surprise that when you’re in a rush to get out of the house you can’t find them. Keep your cool and save yourself from the frustration of turning your home over to find them with our tips on how to find your lost keys in no time. (We also explain what to do if they are lost for good.)

Retrace Your Steps

This is the obvious first thing to do when you can’t find your keys. Take a deep breath and start retracing your steps. Go room to room in your house and think about where you could’ve set them down or accidentally dropped them. You can even enlist your family members to join in on the search!

Call AroundWoman calling to find out how she lost her keys

If you’ve searched every corner of your home and still can’t find the keys you’re looking for, then it might be time to start calling around to see if they fell out of your pocket at a friend’s house or in a store after a shopping trip. You might strike luck in finding your keys with this tactic!

What to Do When Your Keys are Lost for Good

If you’ve spent the better half of a day searching for your keys, it might be time to admit defeat because they’re probably gone for good. This doesn’t mean that all hope is lost! On the bright side, it’s the perfect time to take a good look at how you’ve been securing your home. The locksmith experts at Alford Safe & Lock can help you secure your home again. With options such as lock impressioning, rekeying, or going completely keyless, you’ll be able to find the best lock system for you and your family.

Consider Lock Impressioning or RekeyingLocksmith making a new key

If your keys can’t be found anywhere, then you should consider lock impressioning or rekeying with Alford Safe & Lock in Baton Rouge. Both services are quick and easy and can be done for any type of lock your home may have.

Rekeying – Highly-trained technicians at Alford Safe & Lock can rekey any lock you own, even if it’s not from our store. We change the internal structure of a lock so it will function with a brand-new key. It’s a no-hassle, no frustration solution, so you don’t have to worry about other people having access when you’ve lost your keys.

Lock Impressioning This technique is a great way to create a working key from a lock. You don’t even need to have the original key for this method to work, and it takes our team as little as 15 minutes to complete! Spend less time looking for a key that’s long gone and call our team to get your new key made.

Never Lose Keys Again with Keyless Locks

If you’re someone who loses your keys frequently, then you should think about switching to keyless locks. Without the need to carry around a physical key, you never risk losing it when you need access. Instead, you have a code that is programmed into the lock. Keyless locks are a secure and hassle-free solution that is designed to be pick-proof. This reduces the risk of break-ins and increases your level of safety.

Contact Alford Safe & Lock to talk to a professional about how to stop losing keys and find the best lock system for your home. We’ve been the trusted locksmiths of Baton Rouge for over 70 years, dedicated to helping you protect what’s important. Talk to a technician today at 225-387-5386.

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