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Should All Employees Have a Key to the Office?

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Should Your Business Provide Every Employee with a Key to the Office?

You trust your employees and are fully confident in their talent and capabilities. After all, that is why you hired them. However, giving every employee a key to the office right off the bat can potentially be a bigger security risk than you originally thought.

Before you issue everyone at your business a key, consider these factors first.

Factor in Your Company’s Turnover RateEmployer giving an employee a copy of keys to the office

Why does your company’s turnover rate matter? Because the higher your turnover rate, the more expensive and more often you will need to rekey your locks. This is especially true if an employee left on bad terms. Because there is always a chance that their key had been copied, rekeying your locks after an employee leaves is a good option to ensure that your current employees and your company safe from any disgruntled former employees.

Additionally, every time you rekey your locks, you will have to issue new keys to your current employees as well, which takes time out of your schedule. So if your business has a high turnover rate, it is best that only long-term employees have a key.

Do You Trust All Your Employees Not to Lose Their Key?Working resigning after abusing the key to the office

As we mentioned earlier, you hired your employees because you trust them, and so you should trust they will keep the office key safe. However, even the best employees can mismanage their keys.

If an employee commonly loses their house key or even car keys, it might be best to hold off on giving them a key to the office. After all, you do not want a key to your business to get into the wrong hands.

Always Restrict Access to Vaults and Sensitive Data

Whether you choose to give all employees a key to the office or just a few, you should make sure that sensitive data and other important components to your business are restricted. Just because employees are trusted with a key to the office does not mean they should be able to gain access to all areas of the office.

Have a list of who has a key and the access levels that each employee has. This will help you manage who has a key to which places and who does not. The only employees that should have access to sensitive information or the safe in your office are those who need it.

If You’re Unsure What the Best Solution Is, Let the Technicians at Alford Safe & Lock Help

No two businesses are alike, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.  Our trained locksmiths in Baton Rouge are here to help you keep your business secured and your employees safe.

For more help on keeping your business safe, contact us at Alford Safe & Lock today!

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