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Should You Rekey Your Lock During COVID-19?

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Should You Rekey Your Locks During COVID-19?

The COVID-19 outbreak has been a stressful time for business owners. Many have been forced to close down or let employees go unexpectedly. In these hectic situations, it is easy to lose track of keys or forget who all has access to your building. However, making sure that your building is well-secured and only accessible to the necessary personnel is an important step that could protect your business from disaster.

Rekeying locks is an efficient, cost-effective way to secure a building when keys are unaccounted for or when you want to restrict access to certain people. Alford Safe and Lock is helping to protect businesses during COVID-19 by rekeying their locks to prevent break-ins. If you’re wondering if you should rekey your locks during the COVID-19 shut-down, here are some common situations that call for a rekeying.

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Rekey Locks After Letting Employees Go or Furloughing Employees

We know the pandemic has made it difficult for businesses to keep all their employees. Many businesses were forced to do mass layoffs or furloughs. If there are people who no longer work at your business that could potentially still gain access, you have a major security problem.

You never know when a previous employee could try to break into your business and steal valuable merchandise, machinery, or information. To eliminate the risk of old employees getting inside your building and wreaking havoc on your business, simply rekey your locks. This is an excellent method of removing all previous access without you having to change your locks completely.

Rekey Your Locks if Your Business is Closed, but Vendors Still Have AccessImage of a gloved hand unlocking a door during COVID-19.

Just like with previous employees, you don’t want vendors gaining access to your business without your knowledge or permission. Many businesses were forced to close up shop due to the coronavirus outbreak. Your empty, unattended building creates the perfect opportunity for someone to slip in undetected.

Think about any vendors that were capable of accessing your building before the outbreak. If it’s possible that any of them still have access, consider rekeying your locks to prevent them from entering your business while it is closed down. You can easily provide them with a new, working key when your business reopens.

Rekey Your Locks if You Want to Restrict Access to Certain Parts of Your Business

If you have one key that gives access to everything or opens multiple doors in your business, you may want to restrict access a little during the COVID-19 close-downs. That way, employees can only access the parts of your business that are necessary for them to do their job. You’ll have less to worry about if you can’t be there every second of every day.

For example, you could restrict access to your office or a room where valuable merchandise or machinery is kept. Rekeying your locks is an easy, cost-effective way to restrict access to different parts of your business.

Rekey Your Locks When Keys Are Unaccounted ForImage of key hanging from a door lock.

The COVID-19 outbreak has been a chaotic time for many business owners. It’s easy to lose track of a key in a time like this. Check your records to ensure that all of your business’s keys are accounted for. If you are missing any keys and you are unable to track them down, it’s a smart idea to go ahead and rekey your locks just to be on the safe side.

You don’t want to risk an unaccounted-for key falling into the wrong hands and being used to break into your business. Rekeying your locks is a simple solution to protect your business in the event of unaccounted for keys.

If You Need Your Business’ Locks Rekeyed, Call Alford Safe and Lock

Alford Safe and Lock is a dependable, expert locksmithing company with your Louisiana business’ safety in mind. We are dedicated to helping protect businesses from break-ins during the COVID-19 close-downs. If you are experiencing any of the listed problems, call us today so we can get your locks rekeyed. It’s a small investment that could save you from massive damages, financial losses, and stress.

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