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How to Choose the Best Warehouse Locks

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Why a Warehouse Needs Security

As a warehouse owner, you need more than security cameras and guards to protect your building. Your warehouse’s locks should remain your first line of defense against thieves. You can multiply the security of your warehouse with a properly installed lock. Don’t find your warehouse in a state of destruction due to a break-in. Here are the three types of locks you should consider for your warehouse:

Types of Warehouse Locks


Image of warehouse security measures

Padlocks are typically used on the perimeter gates of your warehouse property to serve as the first line of security. However, no matter how secure a padlock is, it still needs to be attached to a chain or clasp that is just as strong. The last thing you want to find is a break-in scene because a criminal could easily break the chain.

Consider using a padlock on your warehouse perimeter gates to deter criminals from breaking in. The knowledgeable locksmiths at Alford Safe & Lock in Baton Rouge can help you find the right padlock and chains to protect your warehouse gates properly.

Door handles

Your warehouse doors should have a lock built into the handles as a minimum-security measure. An ineffective door handle will make it easy for experienced criminals to break in. Take a good look at your warehouse door handles and see if you could break in yourself. If so, then it’s best to call a local locksmith to help increase your warehouse’s security. It is recommended that door handles be accompanied by deadbolts for increased security.

Deadbolt locksImage inside of a warehouse

Another type of lock used inside of a warehouse building is a deadbolt lock. This sturdy lock is an excellent option to use as the primary locking feature because it can withstand strong forces before being compromised. It’s crucial to use a deadbolt lock that can handle some stress as criminals will use anything from bricks to special tools in an attempt to overpower deadbolts. Talk to Alford Safe & Lock about strong deadbolts for your warehouse.

Warehouse Security Tips

The last thing you want is the emotional and financial stress of a break-in at your warehouse. A few warehouse safety tips include:

  • Focus on the locks used in your building as much as the type of security cameras and guards hired
  • Use a blend of different kinds of warehouse security to decrease the chances of a break-in
  • Test out your locks to make sure they’re reliable and effective against outside forces
  • Talk to a locksmith to find the best quality locks
  • Plan a line of defense at each entrance to your warehouse

You want the best locks to protect your employees and warehouse building from a potential break-in and theft. If you’re not sure if your warehouse is adequately protected, contact the professionals at Alford Safe & Lock. We’ve been the premier locksmiths in Baton Rouge for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings since 1946. We’re confident in finding a solution for your business.

Contact our team of locksmiths for additional security and peace of mind at 225-387-5386.

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