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Six Safety Tips to Prevent a Forced Entry Home Burglary

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What Classifies as a Forced Entry Burglary?

If you’ve experienced a home burglary, it takes away your sense of security, but there are actions you can take to continue to keep your family safe. Law enforcement classifies a forced entry burglary as any offense where force is used to enter a building to commit a theft or felony unlawfully. This applies when a thief uses tools to break through doors, windows, or any other possible entrances in a home. Follow our six burglary safety tips to prevent forced entry into your home.

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Six Burglary Safety Tips to Keep Your Home ProtectedA girl afraid for her safety after a forced entry burglary at her home.

  1. Secure All Doors

The first thing you should do is inspect your doors to make sure that they’re properly secured. You should check how your locks are functioning from the inside and outside. If you find that your locks are broken, it’s best to call a trusted locksmith to replace it with a brand new one.

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  1. Check All Windows

If a burglar cannot get in through a door, the next likely place they’ll try to enter through is a window. Your windows are not always properly secured, either, especially if you or your children consistently forget to lock them, or if they are older. Be sure to check the latches on all of your windows. You can also beef up security with window locks, install window sensors, or reinforce the glass with window security film.

  1. Add More Lighting

Criminals are less likely to break into a home with plenty of outdoor lighting. Place motion-activated or solar lights around your front and back yards, garage, and pathways to deter burglars from targeting your home.

  1. Secure Your Garage

It’s easy to assume that your garage is impenetrable, but that may not always be the case because intruders can short wire a system or break open a pre-installed lock. Consider increasing your garage door’s security with extra locks. Simple security upgrades to a garage can increase your home’s security exponentially.

  1. Update Security Systems & LocksMan in a home committing a burglary.

Installing a digital security system in your home is an easy way to cover and protect every square inch of your house. A security system for your whole home is a safety measure that benefits everyone living in the home. Evaluate the security needs of your home and neighborhood before choosing what type of system you need.

Updated digital locks can also improve your security. One type of high-tech lock that many people choose without realizing how much of risk they come with is WiFi locks. WiFi locks are more susceptible to getting hacked than other locks. But there are alternative digital locks that provide more security and convenience. Talk to the locksmith professionals at Alford Safe & Lock to find the best lock alternative.

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  1. Invest in a Safe

The last burglary safety tip we have for you is it’s best if you always keep your most treasured possessions in a fool-proof safe. It’s the most secure place to store family heirlooms and vital documents like birth certificates and passports. Make sure to look into a safe that is fire-resistant, waterproof, and heavy enough to keep thieves from walking away with it.

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Contact Alford Safe & Lock to protect your valuables and family from a potential forced entry burglary. Our team of professional locksmiths can answer any questions you may have about burglary safety tips and the security of your home. We’ll also help you choose the best locks and safes. Call 225-387-5386.

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