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Electronic Safe Lock Benefits

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Three Reasons You Would Benefit From an Electronic Safe Lock

In the digital age, electronic locks are becoming an increasingly more popular choice to keep homes and safes protected from intruders. While the decision to have a traditional mechanical lock or an electronic lock comes down to personal preference, at Alford Safe & Lock, we want our customers to be informed when they make their decision. That’s why we’ve gathered the three best reasons to go with an electronic safe lock.

Ease of Operation Image of a lock

Electronic safe locks are incredibly easy to use when compared to traditional mechanical locks. To open a mechanical lock, you have to turn to the left, then to the right, then to the left again, but electronic safe locks open with a few taps of your finger on the buttons. This makes it much easier to get into your safe on the first attempt. Instead of having to fiddle with a chunky traditional lock like you’re trying to get into a locker before first period, you’ll gain access to your safe in seconds.

Electronic safe locks have internal lighting mechanisms that make them easy to use in the dark. So, if you need to get into your safe in the dark, you don’t have to shine a light on it or grab your reading glasses to see the numbers.

As far as ease of operation goes, electronic safe locks present the best user-friendly experience.

Easy to Program

Electronic safe locks are leaps and bounds more customizable than mechanical safe locks. Here are just a few ways you can program your electronic lock:

  • Choose your own combination
  • Unlimited opportunities to change the combination
  • Add master code
  • Add multiple users with different combinations
  • Set a time window for access
  • And more

Where mechanical locks merely grant access to your safe, electronic locks offer virtually unlimited ways to increase the security of your safe.

High Manipulation ResistanceA person's hand using an electronic safe lock

Many people believe that electronic safe locks are easier to break into than traditional locks. Still, there is a laundry list of ways that electronic locks offer added protection from tampering.

  • Blocks unauthorized users after a number of failed attempts
  • Time delay
  • Audit trail to record when the lock was used and what combination was used
  • Group 1 electronic safe locks have 999,999 possible combinations, and they have the highest safety rating.

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There are so many user-friendly gadgets that have been popularized during the digital age, and our team of professional locksmiths at Alford Safe & Lock believe that electronic safe locks deserve the popularity. They offer protection that mechanical locks simply do not. If you’re still not sure, or you want to get a new lock installed, call us! We offer all kinds of safes – from home to commercial safes that can go in the wall or be bolted to the floor. We’ll gladly help you choose your safe and its lock, and we’ll install it too.

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