Common Door Lock Problems

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Five Common Door Lock Problems – & How to Repair Them

Over the years, door locks can stop working properly. Sometimes it gets so serious that the lock doesn’t work at all. Whether it is from overuse or malfunctioning, you should be aware of the most common door lock problems and how to repair them.

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#1 Door Lock Isn’t Latching Properly

A door lock that doesn’t latch properly usually means that the deadbolt latch and the strike plate are misaligned. The last thing you need when you’re in a rush to get out the door is to think you’ve locked your door when in reality, you haven’t. To repair this common door lock problem, you can try adjusting the strike plate then tightening the hinge screws so that it is repositioned with the deadbolt latch.

#2 Key Gets Broken Off in Lockhand holding a broken key caused by common door lock problems

Keys can get stuck and break inside of your lock. This common door lock problem might be the one that sends you into a panic – especially if you don’t have a spare. You can try to get the key out with a pair of pliers, but we recommend that you contact a locksmith so that you don’t further damage the lock. A locksmith can safely and carefully remove the broken key and repair the lock, and then they can make you a brand-new key.

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#3 Door Lock Turns Slowly & Stubbornly

The interior of a door lock can get jammed with dust, dirt, and small debris that can cause the lock to turn less smoothly over time. Before immediately opting for a total replacement, you can try using a lubricant. The professional locksmiths at Alford Safe & Lock recommend using Houdini lock lubricant to get your locks working smoothly again. However, if the lubricant doesn’t loosen your locks enough, call a locksmith for more assistance or a lock upgrade.

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#4 Deadbolt is Stuck in Place

Another common door lock problem is a stuck deadbolt. The deadbolt could get stuck for several reasons. It could be due to stickiness or debris, or it could simply be misaligned from the strike plate. You can fix the misalignment issue yourself by realigning the bolt to the strike plate. If you can’t fix the issue, then rely on a locksmith to take a look and assess the problem. They can either repair the deadbolt or replace it completely.

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#5 Door Knob Feels Loose

hand twisting front door knob after resolving common door lock problem

Door knobs can loosen over the years. The entire lockset might need to be replaced if you can’t retighten it. You can tighten them yourself with a screwdriver by locating the screws located on the outside of the doorknob plate and twisting them to tighten. If that doesn’t fix a jiggling doorknob, you might need to call in a professional locksmith to properly repair them, as something else might be wrong. A locksmith has the tools and expert knowledge needed to make repairs quickly or replace the entire doorknob.

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Call Alford Safe & Lock in Baton Rouge for Door Lock Solutions

The locksmiths at Alford Safe & Lock in Baton Rouge can repair any and all common door lock problems. Whether it’s the front door of your home or the side door to your commercial business, we have the tools to take care of it right away. Contact us today at 225-387-5386.