Avoid Locksmith Scams

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Avoid Locksmith Scams and Hire a Professional with These Tips

We know better than anyone else how many scammers there are trying to sell fake locksmith services to the honest people of Baton Rouge. To help you arm yourself against these locksmith scams, us professionals at Alford Safe and Lock have compiled a list of tips to help you hire locksmiths that are worth their salt. Follow the below tips and avoid the fake locksmiths that aren’t there to help, and hire the authentic ones who do everything they can to make sure you are safe and secure.

Look at Their Website for Suspicious ContentA woman checking a locksmith website to avoid a locksmith scam

One of the simplest things you can do to check whether a locksmith is a true company or a scammer is to look at their website. Scam companies often have poorly built websites. Glaring misspelled words, pop-up or side advertisements, and broken links are often indicators that a locksmith is fake. Real companies care about their image and their user’s ability to navigate through their website, so real locksmiths will normally have quality sites. If you go to a locksmith website that is noticeably bad try your luck with a different company.

Check Reviews for Ratings and Complaints

Once again, real locksmith companies care about what people think of their services and care about their standing in the community. Before hiring a locksmith, check their reviews for a high-star rating, and also read the comments of people who hired them. The most important reviews are the most recent ones as they give you a snapshot of how the company’s current customers are liking the service.

Checking and reading reviews will help you avoid scam locksmiths as you’ll be able to see what kind of work they do for other customers and what you can expect. At Alford Safe and Lock, we regularly ask our customers for honest reviews, and we’re proud to say that the Baton Rouge community gave us a rating above 4 stars!

Discover if They Have a Storefront – Locksmith Scams Won’t Have a Storefront

Another extremely easy way to tell if a locksmith is a scammer or not is to find out whether or not they have a storefront. Scammer locksmiths often work out of their car, and after they’ve worked an area for a while, they will just pack up and leave, driving on to the next town. Professional locksmiths like Alford Safe and Lock, have brick and mortar storefronts in the towns they work and live within. We opened our doors in 1946, and have been providing locksmith services to the residents of Baton Rouge ever since.

Take Notice if You Are Transferred to Several People on the PhoneA woman calling a locksmith to avoid a locksmith scam

Locksmith farming is a popular scam and is basically a call center that farms out jobs to available “locksmiths” in the area. You end up being transferred multiple times until you are given to someone available to help. You want to avoid using this type of service because the locksmiths from the call centers usually are not vetted locksmiths and may overcharge you for services. If you call a locksmith and are transferred more than once, try calling somewhere else to avoid a scam.

Professional Locksmiths Have Licenses, Ask to See It!

In Louisiana, locksmiths are required to have a license by law. Asking to see your locksmith’s license is a good way to avoid a scam. Professional locksmiths will have their license ready to show as proof of their professionalism. Fake or scammer locksmiths will not have a license as the state will not issue one to those who do not meet the locksmith license requirements. At Alford Safe and Lock, we’ve been licensed locksmiths since our doors were opened and have upheld the standards of professional locksmiths since 1946.

Following the tips above will help you hire a professional and real locksmith that is interested in helping you solve your lock problems. To completely avoid locksmith scams, just call us at Alford Safe and Lock. We’ve been around for years and have our license ready to show you. In addition, we also meet all the above requirements and more. Call us today at 225-387-5386.


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