Benefits of Having a Deadbolt on Your Exterior Doors

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The Benefits of Having a Deadbolt Installed on Your Exterior Doors

When more than two million burglaries occur in the United States every year, it’s important to make sure your home is protected. Burglars are likely to try to break into your exterior doors first to gain entry into your home, so it’s best to focus your security efforts on those doors first.

Having a deadbolt installed is one of the easiest ways to ramp up your home security. If you’re worried about your home’s security, the peace of mind and security benefits of having a deadbolt far outweigh the cost of buying the lock and having it installed.

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Person turning a key in a deadbolt

Security Benefits of Having a Deadbolt

What makes deadbolts so crucial to home security? It’s as simple as a steel bar. The bolt of the lock is a solid steel bar that fits into the doorframe when locked and requires a key or a serious amount of force to move the bar. This extra lock, usually located about six inches above your doorknob, acts as an extra barrier between the person trying to break in and everything you hold dear. Often, burglars will move on from your house if they can’t gain easy access.

Where your exterior doors’ doorknobs are for convenience, deadbolts are for security. Burglars can bypass standard locks with a crowbar, credit card, or a knife, but the benefit of having deadbolts is that they are nearly impossible to break through. It would take time and dedication to break your deadbolt, and burglars usually want to spend as little time as possible outside of your house to decrease their chances of being spotted. In this instance, a deadbolt can save you from a home break-in.

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Types of Deadbolts

Single-Cylinder Deadbolts

The most common types of deadbolts are single-cylinder deadbolts. They are mounted inside your door, and you have to insert a key and twist a doorknob to move the steel bar or “bolt” inside the door. You can get all the added security benefits of having a deadbolt from a single-cylinder deadbolt, but double-cylinder deadbolts offer a more impenetrable option.

Double-Cylinder Deadbolts

Double-cylinder deadbolts are also mounted inside your door, but unlike single-cylinder deadbolts, they don’t have a doorknob. Instead, both sides of the lock have a keyhole. This deadbolt is the most secure option because you need a key to operate the lock from both sides. That way, if you have glass panels near your door, a burglar can’t break the window, reach in, and unlock your door from the inside. It’s important to remember that if you’re trying to leave your house in an emergency, you need more time to find the key and unlock the door.

Electronic Deadbolts

Electronic deadbolts are guaranteed to offer more convenience, and they can offer other security features too. The keypad featured on electronic deadbolts can be programmed to work with different codes for different users, so you’ll never need a key, and you’ll always be able to get in.

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person screwing in a deadbolt

The Benefits of Having a Deadbolt Installed by a Locksmith

To maximize the benefits of having deadbolts on your exterior doors, hire a locksmith to help you choose and install them. A reliable locksmith with expertise like the ones at Alford Safe & Lock can help you make informed decisions regarding the best deadbolt for your home. In addition to installing your deadbolt, Alford Safe & Lock can help you get out of a bind if you’re locked out or in need of lock assistance service.

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