Exit & Closure Devices

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Business Exit & Door Closure Devices

Whether it’s the safety of your employees, customers, or equipment, knowing that your business’ doors are secure can ease your mind and let you focus on your business. Door closure and business exit devices permit easy exits from buildings while blocking entry from unwanted visitors.

From secure locks to business exit devices, Alford Safe & Lock has been serving Baton Rouge businesses since 1946 by providing security products and services. As the premier local solution for locks and security, our team will help you find the right business door closure device for your building. Contact us today and protect your business.

What Are Business Exit Devices?

If you’ve been to a school, hospital, or government building, you’ve likely used a building exit device without even thinking about it. The most common type of exit device is the exit bar. These bars are placed on the indoor-facing side of a door and, when depressed, allow people to open the door. Exit devices for businesses allow people to exit buildings quickly and easily in case of fire or other emergencies.

But exit devices for businesses aren’t only for easy exits; many also lock on one side. The lock ensures that people can exit at will, but need permission to enter. A business exit device is a great solution for protecting your business while still allowing easy exits, and it meets local fire codes.

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What Are Door Closure Devices for Businesses?person pushes on a business exit and door closure device

Door closure devices are spring-loaded devices that automatically close doors with a hydraulic arm. Fire codes require these devices in commercial buildings to prevent the spread of fire, but they also help with security risks. Leaving a door open, whether an entry to your building or a closed-off area inside, can allow unwanted visitors to enter, posing a security risk.

If you have questions about what type of business exit device or door closure device is best for your business, contact the expert locksmiths at Alford Safe & Lock. Our experienced team can help you decide on the perfect business exit or door closure device for your building. Call us today at 225-387-5386.

Why Business Exit & Door Closure Devices Are Important

Business exit and door closure devices offer many security benefits beyond protecting your business and customers from unwanted intruders. They also allow people to exit your building without obstacles in the case of a dangerous situation. As such, these exit devices are sometimes referred to as “panic bars” and allow people to exit by simply pushing the bar in the case of fires or other emergencies.

In addition, door closure devices are used to prevent the spread of fire in the unfortunate event of a building fire. In fact, in many localities, business exit & door closure devices are required as part of the fire code, whether to prevent fire from spreading or allow for easy exits.

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Why Hire a Locksmith to Install Business Exit & Door Closure Devices?man uses power drill installs business door closure device to secure the building

Ensuring that your business is protected and your employees & customers can safely leave in an emergency is a priority for any business owner. When you purchase business exit devices or door closure devices, you want to make sure they are installed and operating properly. Whether your main concern is security, emergency escape, fire codes, or anything in between, a trusted locksmith is your best option for business door closure devices and exit devices.

Alford’s certified and professionally trained locksmiths can install any type of exit device or door closure device for your business. And while you’re upgrading your exit and closure devices, we can also help increase security with professional rekeying services and new secure locks. Call our team today at 225-387-5386 and protect your business.