Can a Locksmith Make A Key Without The Original?

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Can a Locksmith Make A Key Without The Original?

It’s happened to many homeowners. You can’t find your keys and even the spare is gone. If your keys are nowhere to be found, don’t panic! A licensed locksmith can help make you a new key without the original key.

You may be asking if it’s even possible if a locksmith can make a key without the original. The short answer is yes, while the full answer is more complicated. There are different methods to making a new key without the original, and Alford Safe & Lock can help determine which one is best for you and your situation.

Whether you need a key for your new home or an extra key to give to a person you trust, Alford Safe & Lock can professionally build it for you. We take every step necessary to make each key fit perfectly in the lock. Contact us today to learn about our keying services.

Why Remake A Key?Man stuck outside home calling a locksmith to make a key without the original

When you first got your keys, you may have thought one set was enough. But, when you consider all that can go wrong with your one small key, it becomes clear you need more than one as a backup. Some of the most common reasons people need to make a new key without the original are:

  • You lost your original key and can’t find it
  • You got locked out of your home and don’t have a spare
  • Your key broke inside the lock

Besides the above, there are many everyday situations where you need a spare key, like if you accidentally threw your key into the trash, dropped it down a drain, or had them stolen during a home robbery.

If you have the lock the key was meant to fit into, one of Alford Safe & Lock’s locksmiths can easily and quickly make a key without the original piece. They have specialized tools and equipment that allow them to produce an exact copy of your old key.

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Cutting A Key to Code

One of the simplest ways a locksmith can make a key without the original is by cutting a key to code. This means the key is crafted by putting the key blank into the cutter and cutting the key exactly to the blind code and the bitting code.

The bitting code is a specific set of numbers that a locksmith uses on a blank key to set the dimensions. Meanwhile, the blind code is a designation assigned to a particular key and lock combination from a company. They are both alphanumeric codes assigned to specific models of locks and keys. Popular lock manufacturers will stamp the blind and bitting codes on the key and lock and list the codes inside the lock’s user manual when the key is cut to code. Locksmiths can use these to make new keys without the original.

Our locksmiths at Alford Safe & Lock state the reason why the lock codes are different from one another is that the pins within the lock are different lengths and placed in varying orders. The codes are also only accessible to licensed locksmiths, meaning you can rest assured other people can’t access the code without the training of a licensed locksmith, like our trusted locksmiths at Alford Safe & Lock.

If the locksmith is unable to get these codes, they’ll need to resort to the other methods of making a key without the original.

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Make an ImpressionPile from a locksmith making a key without the original

Another method to make a key without the original key is by making an impression of the lock. This method allows a locksmith to make a brand-new key without decoding the lock. When you have a matching lock and key, the pins inside a lock match the key’s ridges, allowing the key to open the specific lock. Without the ridges, the key can’t work the lock.

The locksmith can use the impression method to make a new key using a blank key that’s never been marked by pins, a file, and a vice grip. To make a new key using the impression method, a blank key is inserted into the lock and turned, so the pins press against the key. In that process, the pins will leave marks where cuts need to be made by the locksmith. The impression making is repeated multiple times until successful.

While this is the most convenient method to make a key without the original, it is difficult to achieve and takes many years of experience for a locksmith to master. A great locksmith needs to have excellent attention to detail and high accuracy. Our locksmiths at Alford Safe & Lock are well-experienced in making lock impressions for your front door and safe locks if you need a new key.

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Deconstructing the Lock

One of the most challenging ways to make a key without the original house key is by deconstructing and disassembling the lock. This is usually conducted if making a lock impression is too difficult due to worn-down locks or the process is not working correctly for another reason.

Here, a locksmith disassembles the lock cylinder to measure its internal parts. They also reverse engineer the bitting code for the key from the alignment and height of the pins located within. This is needed to gain access to those pins. It is also the solution a locksmith can come to if your key breaks inside the lock.

While doing this method is more challenging, it’s an accurate method of making a key without the original. If you need your lock reconstructed so you can protect your valuables, our team can assist you with your request.

Let the Locksmiths at Alford Safe & Lock Make Your Original Key

Making a key without the original copy takes time and patience. If you lose your keys or need to create spare keys for the people you trust, our locksmiths at Alford Safe & Lock can create these keys in store or come to your home to fashion one from your locks.

If you need rekeying services to make a key without the original key, count on Alford Safe & Lock to provide you with a new key so you can keep your home safe. Call us today at 225-387-5386.