Why Get a Car Key Replacement from a Locksmith?

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Car Key Replacement Services from a Locksmith v. Dealership

Have you ever broken your car key? Panic flashes through your mind before the frustration sets in. You have two options available when your car key breaks. You can solve your problem with the help of a locksmith or your vehicle’s dealership. But before you hightail it to the dealership, here are a few reasons why you should consider visiting your local locksmith instead.

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3 Reasons Why Visiting a Locksmith for a Car Key Replacement is the Right ChoiceTwo people discussing keys

  1. Dealerships Charge High Rates

If you choose to get your key repaired and replaced by your vehicle’s dealership, you can expect to empty out your pockets right there. They may give you a quote upfront that will tell you the approximate cost, but what they won’t share with you are the hidden fees they’ll apply to your bill later. These hidden fees can be service fees or additional car key programming costs.

A local locksmith like Alford Safe & Lock in Baton Rouge won’t nickel and dime you for a car key replacement. You can trust them to give you an accurate quote that will save you money. When you need a car key replacement, Alford Safe & Lock won’t throw you through a loop by tacking extra fees onto your bill.

  1. Quick Turnaround

It’s not a secret or surprise that you’ll end up spending more time sitting around waiting at the car dealership than at a locksmith for a car key replacement. Employees at a dealership are busy with multiple clients and may decide to put off your car key replacement for a more pressing issue. This can be extremely frustrating especially when you need your car to run errands, get to work, and so much more.

Meanwhile, locksmiths spend their day replacing keys, so they can get it done quickly so you can be on your way. A locksmith needs at least one hour to get your car key replaced unless you’re visiting the locksmith to make a copy. Even if it takes an hour at the most to get your key, getting a car key replacement from a locksmith will still be faster than waiting in the car dealership lobby.

  1. No Need to Tow Your VehicleMan in shock over a broken key

If you need a brand-new original car key, a locksmith can come to you. Whether you are at your home or in a strip mall parking lot with a broken key, Alford locksmiths have the tools needed to replace your car key right there in the parking lot. There’s no need to tow your vehicle to the dealership or spend extra cash on service fees just for a dealership employee to meet you.

Rely on the expert locksmiths at Alford Safe & Lock for quick and affordable car key replacement services. We have the tools and skills to replace, repair, or copy traditional car keys with a key fob or remote car keys for multiple makes and models. Call us at 225-387-5386 for car key replacement services.