Dorm Room Security Tips

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Four Dorm Room Security Tips to Protect Yourself in College

Moving into a dorm is a rite of passage for most college freshmen, a moment that marks their first step into adulthood. With the increased responsibility of living outside their parents’ houses, college freshmen have to learn how to protect themselves and their belongings in a new environment.

The most common campus crime is property theft, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. The Center also found that property crimes increased on campus as residential buildings were added. With students bringing increasingly expensive textbooks and technology to campus, it’s more important than ever to make sure their belongings are safe from theft.

These four dorm room security tips can save new college students time, money, and lots of stress when it comes to protecting themselves and their possessions.

  1. Get a Lockbox to Increase Dorm Room Security

    college student packing books in cardboard box in dorm room

One of the best ways to step up dorm security and keep valuable items safe is to lock them in a lockbox. Lockboxes are smaller than safes, and they’re usually designed for frequent access. You can put jewelry, cash, important documents (like a birth certificate or social security card) in a lockbox to keep them out of sight from dorm room guests. A lockbox is usually cheaper than a safe, so it can be a better option from a financial standpoint. Lockboxes are usually lightweight and portable, so it’s crucial to secure your lockbox down or hide it out of sight in a closet or a drawer.

Alford Safe & Lock in Baton Rouge can help you figure out if a safe or a lockbox is best for your dorm security.

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  1. Install a Safe to Increase Dorm Room Security

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty product to increase your dorm room security, invest in a safe for your dorm room. Safes are larger and more durable than lockboxes, and they’re usually heavy enough to deter thieves from carrying them out of your room. Some safes are designed specifically to hold laptops and other electronics. Others come with shelves, drawers, or removable dividers.

Don’t forget to consider fireproof and waterproof functionalities when you’re shopping for safes. To step up your dorm room security, contact Alford Safe & Lock for a range of safes with unique features.

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  1. Carry Bike Locks to Protect Your Bike

Most college campuses in Louisiana are walking campuses, which means that vehicles aren’t allowed on campus during school hours. When these same campuses are miles long, many students ride bikes to class and park them on racks outside of class buildings or dorms.

Bike theft is common, especially outside of dorms. This is why bike locks are essential for students who plan to get to class on two wheels. Because bike wheels are more likely to be stolen even if the bike itself is locked to a rack, you may want to consider using multiple locks to secure the wheels as well.

  1. Install Tracking Devices and Apps for Itemssmiling college student with dorm room security

Small tracking devices are an easy and modern way to increase dorm security. They’re relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and especially convenient when it comes to keeping track of commonly lost items like your keys or wallet. Most tracking devices connect to an app on your phone through Bluetooth, and they’re small enough to fit on a keychain, in a wallet, purse, or laptop bag.

When you can’t find one of your belongings, all you have to do is open the affiliated app and activate the tracker’s alarm. A loud sound will be emitted from the device, so all you need to do is follow it to your lost item.

If dorm security is breached and your belongings are stolen, some tracking devices allow you to geotrack your lost items.

Contact Alford Safe & Lock for Dorm Room Security Products

When you or your child is making the leap into adulthood, prepare for all the possibilities with security devices from Alford Safe & Lock in Baton Rouge. Our skilled locksmiths are ready to help you increase dorm room security with locks and safes. Being in a new environment can be scary, but Alford Safe & Lock is here to make you feel safe in your new home.