Guide to Buying a Safe

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When You Are Looking to Buy a Safe, The Smallest Details Can Make a Difference in Your Buying Decision

If you asked five locksmiths for their opinion on which safe you should buy, you will get five different answers. Everyone has their own opinion on which brand of safes are the best ones and the kind you should get. Our certified technicians at Alford Safe and Lock, however, help customers find the perfect safe by narrowing down the features that they want with the kind of safe that they need. After all, when you buy a safe, it should give you a feeling of security and comfort.

To find the best safe for your needs and its purpose, we have provided a guide to help you narrow down your choices from our extensive selection of premium safes.

Are You Looking for a Residential or Commercial Safe?

This is the first and the most general question that we ask to help us narrow down your options. All of our safes are fire-rated and have anti-burglary features. However, our commercial safes offer higher levels of security, more powerful features, and greater durability that a business needs to protect itself from internal and external theft. After all, your home doesn’t need the same commercial vault that your bank may have. Rest-assured though, our selection of residential safes still provide the top-notch security and durability needed to protect your items from home invaders and thieves.

Would You Prefer Using a Combo or Digital Lock?A digital lock you need to consider when buying a safe

It’s your safe, so you want it to lock and unlock in the most convenient way for you and in a way that feels most secure. Both types of safe locks are durable and have enhanced security features to relock your safe if someone attempts to tamper with the lock. Some people feel more at ease with the classic combination lock whereas others feel that a digital lock is easier to use. Whichever lock you prefer, we can help you find a safe that is right for you.

What Are You Going to Put into the Safe?

Some people may feel uncomfortable disclosing what they are wanting to use the safe for, but we can assure you that our professional technicians at Alford Safe and Lock are simply there to best assist you. We have an assortment of safe sizes that are designed to protect certain items. From gun safes designed to securely store shotguns or rifles to jewelry safes for family heirlooms, we want to make sure that we help you buy the safe that will properly fit the items that you are wanting to protect.

A safe to consider buyingAre You in the City or Out in the Country?

As strange as it may seem, knowing the general area where the safe would be can make a difference in the safety features that your safe may need. For example, if you are looking to buy a safe for your home out in a secluded woods area, you may want to look into a safe with a 2-hour fire rating. Why? Because if there is ever a fire in your home, it will take longer for the fire department to arrive at your house than it would for someone who lived in the city area.

Are You Ready to Make an Investment on a Quality Safe?

Buying a safe is easier said than done. The most common trap that people fall into is buying a safe based mostly on price. This is not the mentality you should have when buying a safe. A cheap safe can easily be broken and tampered with, making the items inside vulnerable to thieves. So, before you decide to buy a safe based solely on price, ask yourself, “Will this safe even protect my items?” Spending a little extra money for a more secure safe will cost you less in the long run because your valuable items will be protected.

When you are in need of a quality safe, our certified technicians and their years of experience are ready to help. We can help you find the right safe that best suits you and your needs. Trust the most established safe and lock supplier in Baton Rouge, and come by Alford Safe and Lock on Government Street today!


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