How to Maintain Your Gun Safe

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How to Maintain A Gun Safe

If you are a gun owner, having a gun safe lets you have a secure place to store your firearms, ammunition, and other important valuables in the home. You will also want a gun safe to store your items in case there is a burglar in your home so you can protect yourself and your family, keep children away from it when the gun is not in use, or for easy storage during hunting season. Yet, like any safe, you need to know how to care for and maintain your gun safe. Read our tips below to learn how to maintain your gun safe.

Alford Safe & Lock is able to take care of any gun safe, lock, or key issues you may experience. In case your gun safe gets damaged, Alford Safe & Lock can safely and reliably repair or replace your safe’s locks. Contact us today for gun safe services at 225-387-5386.

Factors You Should Consider While Inspecting and Cleaning

Guns lined up next to each other in maintained gun safe

One factor you should consider is how often you use the gun safe. Many of the reasons that you may choose to have a gun safe inside your home is to stop any gun-related accidents.

At Alford Safe and Lock, we recommend that if you only need to use your gun safe occasionally, you can wait some more time between cleaning and inspecting it; in this case, you should inspect it every two to three months. However, if you use the safe more frequently for hunting season or as part of your job, it may be necessary to inspect and clean your safe once a month to remove any dust and grime that could affect its functionality.

A few other factors you should consider are:

  • How humid is the safe’s location
  • The type of environment

You should also keep note of what types of items are stored inside the safes, as specific items may lend to you needing to inspect your gun safe more often.

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How to Clean a Gun Safe’s Exterior During Gun Safe Maintenance

The outside of the gun safe is more exposed to the elements, leaving your gun safe more susceptible to having dust, dirt, and grime accumulate on the surface. When this grime settles on your safe and isn’t cleaned after a while, the gun safe exterior may become more difficult to clean.

The best way to clean the exterior of your gun safe is by using soap and water to clean metallic parts of the safe, such as the safe handle and locking bolt. To keep the door hinges easy to open without rust or dirt interfering, you should oil them.

Be careful when using metal cleaners, solvents, or polishes on hardware since they can risk disintegrating the non-tarnish coating that is usually applied. Instead, use a soft, clean cloth that is moistened with a small amount of water to maintain the gun safe.

Be sure to inspect that the gun safe’s fire seal is in working order during every cleaning. When it is working correctly, no dust or other contaminants will be able to enter the safe when it’s closed. Thus, your valuables will be kept pristine.

For the Best Gun Safe Maintenance Routine – Take Care of Safe’s Interior Too

Person unlocking door to maintain a gun safeAs much as cleaning the outside of a gun safe is important, so is taking care of the interior to maintain the gun safe. After all, it is where your firearms and valuables are stored. To prevent any dust or grime from lingering, use a clean microfiber cloth and wipe down the gun shelves, firearms, and other items you have placed inside.

Your guns and other firearm accessories are not the only items that could affect the gun safe interior. Some other items you may have in there are:

  • Older paperwork and documents (i.e. land deeds, birth certificates, passports, etc.)
  • Metals (i.e. silver, gold, copper)
  • Jewelry
  • Family heirlooms
  • Ammunition (i.e. magazines and unused bullets)

Older documents, ammunition, and other metals placed in a gun safe can introduce debris and oils that can leak or stain the gun safe’s interior or items in storage. Other probable causes of the safe getting dirty are any remaining solvents left on the firearms after they get cleaned. To avoid this, wipe off the cleaning solvent before putting your gun back in the gun safe so the carpeted surface does not get stained.

To make sure that dust, moisture, and other environmental factors are not affecting the inside of the gun safe, you should inspect your items every few months. If your safe’s interior does get damaged or stained, Alford Safe and Lock can repair your safe and assist you with any gun safe maintenance issues you have.

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Know When to Replace Your Gun Safe’s Batteries

One aspect of maintaining a gun safe that many people forget about is making sure the keypad lock to the safe works. If you notice that your electronic locks are not working right, check the battery pack as you may need to change the batteries.

To prevent yourself from scrambling around your home – or the local store – for new batteries, we recommend  you should change out the batteries once each year. Without working batteries, having safe, easy access to your items inside your gun safe becomes harder.

Look Out for Moisture

When you place your firearms and other items inside a gun safe, you are putting them in a space where they can be secured and last for years to come. Yet, water vapor, moisture, and humidity can cause damage and shorten your items’ lives. Even a small amount of moisture inside your gun safe can damage your items and affect how well they will function over time.

When you clean the inside of the safe, you may use carpet cleaner and solvents as one way to prevent humidity and water vapor. Ensure there is no remaining solvent or cleaner liquid when you have finished using it since they are caustic substances (flammable and capable of corroding items).

To prevent any lingering moisture from allowing mold and mildew growth, get a dehumidifier for your safe. The dehumidifier will remove the water vapor inside the gun safe and maintain its moisture level.

Because of the sensitive items they hold, owning a gun safe means taking the steps necessary to make sure it is clean, usable, and not exposed to any elements that may prevent it from being used in the years to come. If you have any more questions about how you should maintain your gun safe, contact Alford Safe and Lock at 225-387-5386.