How to Stay Safe This Holiday Season

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3 Holiday Safety Tips to Use This Season

The holiday season is a great time to get together with family and loved ones and enjoy each other’s company. However, before you get caught up in the holiday cheer, make sure your home is secure. You don’t want intruders ruining the cheerful mood this holiday season.

Alford Safe & Lock has a couple of solutions to keep you safe this holiday season. Follow these three holiday safety tips to ensure you stay safe this holiday season.

Holiday Safety Tip #1: Make Sure All Locks Are in Good Working Condition

Locksmith checking the locks inside a home

You must make sure all doors and windows are locked in your home. This holiday safety tip may seem like a no-brainer, but it is always important to remember to lock everything whether or not you are home. You don’t want anyone walking into your home unannounced.

Locking all your doors and windows is a great holiday safety tip because by doing this, you can also determine if your locks are in good working condition. Over time, the pins in your locks will wear out, leaving your once secure home vulnerable. When this happens, you need to replace or rekey your locks.

Alford Safe & Lock offers lock replacement services that will keep your home safe during the holidays. We offer top-tier and cost-effective rekeying services that will replace the tumblers and pins of your existing locks and hardware. If your lock is broken and beyond repair, we can replace it with a brand-new system. Contact us at 225-387-5386 for expert lock replacement & rekeying services.

Holiday Safety Tip #2: Do Not Overshare Holiday Plans

One holiday safety tip you might not have considered is who you are sharing your holiday plans with. If you plan on leaving home for the holidays, only tell trusted neighbors or family in the area. A great holiday safety tip is to give a neighbor you trust or a loved one a key to your home so they can check in on your home while you are gone. Intruders will be less likely to target your home if they regularly see someone coming in and out of it.

Also, refrain from posting about your holiday vacation on social media. While you may want to tell everyone about where you are visiting, think about someone viewing your vacation as an opportunity to break into your home and steal your belongings.

Take this holiday safety tip one step further and replace your traditional locks with digital locks. Having electronic locks installed is a great holiday safety tip as you can regularly change your door codes with ease. Some electronic locks even let you change the code or lock and unlock the door with your phone. Browse through Alford Safe & Lock’s selection of digital locks today.

Holiday Safety Tip #3: Be Proactive Against TheftPerson checking security app as a holiday safety tip

The final holiday safety tip is to be proactive against theft. Many people order gifts from online stores, which means packages will be shipped to your home. Protect packages from anyone looking to snatch them up with smart lights or video doorbells.

Another holiday safety tip to consider if you will be away from home during the holidays is investing in a safe. If someone invades your home, having a safe ensures your valuable belongings will be protected while you are away. A safe can store and protect:

  • Cash
  • Gift cards
  • Jewelry
  • Important documentation, such as birth certificates, deeds, and titles
  • Firearms

Alford Safe & Lock has a variety of safes to choose from. Whether you want to hide gifts from family and loved ones or store your hunting rifles, Alford has a safe that can fit your needs. Visit Alford Safe & Lock today and browse their selection of safes.

Stay Safe This Holiday Season with Alford Safe & Lock

Whether it’s providing holiday safety tips or recommending the best safes to keep your valuables secure, Alford Safe & Lock has your back! Why not spread the gift of security this holiday season by gifting a safe to a loved one? Alford has a wide selection of safes ranging from small safes to store a firearm to a safe that’s six feet tall with shelves. Give someone peace of mind this holiday season when you shop at Alford Safe & Lock.