Why You Need a Gun Safe for Hunting Season

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Why You Need a Hunting Gun Safe for Hunting Season

With hunting season fast approaching, hunters should start investing in a hunting gun safe for their weapons. Selecting a new safe can be challenging, though, as there are many factors to consider before choosing a safe that is right for you. A hunting gun safe can store rifles and firearms, but it can also secure other valuable items and keep everyone in the household safe. Here are five benefits to owning a hunting gun safe for hunting season.

If you are shopping for a hunting gun safe, visit Alford Safe & Lock in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Alford offers a variety of hunting gun safes, and the in-store experts will help you find a safe that is right for you. Whether you need a safe with multiple shelves and additional storage or a small safe to store your pistol, the hunting gun safe experts at Alford have you covered. Call 225-387-5386 today and ask about Alford’s selection of hunting gun safes.

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  1. Extra Storage Space

One of the great benefits of owning a hunting gun safe is the additional storage space. If you own multiple rifles, firearms, and gear, a hunting gun safe will give you the dedicated storage space to store every piece of hunting equipment you own in one convenient location.

Remember to do your research before you make your purchase. Decide how many shelves you need if you are a collector or have a good amount of equipment. On the other hand, if you only have a single pistol, it might be best to buy a small safe instead.

Hunting gun safes don’t have to store rifles and firearms exclusively. Because of the additional storage options, you can store other valuables in a hunting gun safe, such as:

  • Cash
  • Knives
  • Important documents, like birth certificates, deeds and titles, citizenship papers, etc.
  • Irreplaceable items, such as family heirlooms or photos
  • And more
  1. Keep Firearms Away from Children

Younger children may not understand firearm safety yet, so it is best to secure your weapons in a hunting gun safe until they learn about responsible gun ownership and safety. As a gun owner, it is your responsibility to keep everyone safe. Keeping children safe from guns doesn’t need to be difficult though. Simply store your firearms in a hunting gun safe where children can’t easily access them.Person opening door to hunting gun safe

If you cannot afford a hunting gun safe but still wish to secure your firearms, consider purchasing a trigger lock. It is a mechanism that you can place over the trigger to prevent it from being pulled. A trigger lock is a useful and inexpensive device to secure your weapons. The lock also comes in handy if you are transferring rifles in a car from your home and want added security.

If you are looking to purchase a hunting gun safe or trigger locks, Alford Safe & Lock has what you are looking for. Contact them or stop by their store and ask about trigger locks for your hunting rifles and firearms.

  1. Keep Firearms Away from Intruders

A hunting gun safe will also keep your rifles and firearms away from potential intruders. In a home invasion, you do not want your guns lying around your home for intruders to steal or use against you. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe during a home invasion by storing your weapons in a hunting gun safe.

Install a hunting gun safe in the master bedroom closet to have easy access to your weapons during a home invasion. Pistol safes will also be useful during home invasions because they are small and easy to obscure from intruders. It is recommended to bolt down your safes so intruders cannot pick them up and try to break into them later.

It is also wise to come up with a home invasion plan with everyone in the household. Make sure everyone knows where to seek shelter during an emergency. Plan a clear path to your hunting gun safe before the intruder can intercept you in advance.

  1. Have Multiple Hunting Gun Safes

For the household that owns multiple rifles and firearms, it is advised to purchase Person holding firearm stored in hunting gun safemultiple hunting gun safes to store everything in a secure place. This is also an excellent tip for home invasions. Installing multiple hunting gun safes throughout the house ensures you will have access to your weapons if someone threatens you or your family. Do not forget the location of the safe or its combination.

Also, be advised of what you share on social media. Some hunters are eager to show off their weapons and gear as hunting season approaches and use social media channels to share photos. Anyone who sees your social media post and is knowledgeable about hunting gear could plan to steal your gear that costs hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Storing your valuables in multiple hunting gun safes ensures that all of your eggs are not in one basket, and potential thieves cannot access your gear.

  1. Consider a Keypad Safe for Extra Security

Keypad locks for your hunting gun safe will offer tighter security for your firearms and other valuables. They also offer quicker access to your firearms during an emergency than traditional locks. When owning a hunting gun safe with a keypad, you must remember:

  • Do not share the code with anyone you do not trust
  • If you do share the code with a trusted family member or friend and there is a falling out in the relationship, you need to change the code immediately
  • If you lost or forgot the code, you can change it
  • If you cannot get into the safe, contact Alford Safe & Lock

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Contact Alford Safe & Lock for Hunting Gun Safe Maintenance

Purchasing a hunting gun safe comes with a lot of responsibilities. You must make sure to maintain hunting gun safe maintenance all year-round to make sure it works and prevent future issues. You do not want to miss out on a single minute of hunting season because your hunting gun safe isn’t working.

If you are experiencing issues with your hunting gun safe or need someone to perform maintenance, contact the hunting gun safe experts at Alford Safe & Lock. They offer hunting gun safe maintenance services that check if it is in good working order. This includes repairs, changing the batteries, checking the dehumidifier, and more. Alford also sells hunting gun safes and will install them anywhere in your home. Call 225-387-5386 and speak to the hunting gun safe experts at Alford today!