Improving Security at Your Company

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Improving Commercial Security Can Be as Simple as Getting the Right Locks, Keys, and Safes.

From burglars to internal threats from your employees, securing your commercial property is crucial in keeping your business on the path to success. But where do you start? How do you improve security at your company in a way that will make a difference? At Alford Safe & Lock, we’ve compiled a few tips for business owners so they can strengthen their security and get back to business.

Limit Access of PersonnelKeypad to improve commercial security

If your commercial property is like any other business building out there, it has multiple rooms, offices, hangout spaces, hallways, and entrances. While you as the owner may need access to every space, your employees, clients, and visitors don’t. A great way to increase security at your business is to limit access to spaces to certain individuals with a keypad lock. For example, your managers may be the only ones who need access to meeting rooms. You can limit access by only providing the managers with those keycodes where you may store client information or high-tech equipment.

Even as a company that allows its employees and guests in every space, a keypad lock is extremely helpful for the security of your business. Keycodes cut down on key duplication. In addition, you can change codes much more quickly and easily than a manual lock for increased security. At Alford Safe & Lock, we find the exact solution our customers need. Whether you need a simple one-keycode digital lock or a multi-keycode digital lock with different levels of clearance, we provide the solution.

Keep Track of All Keys

One of the easiest ways to increase security at your business is simply to keep track of your keys. Make notes on who has access to different areas and how many keys you have in general. Consider having employees check their keys in and out each day to reduce the risk of having your keys duplicated, lost, or misplaced. Alford Safe & Lock provides security boxes to commercial property owners for this exact reason and can help you keep your keys on lockdown.

Limit Visibility of Expensive Products and Private Documents

Another way to improve the security of your business is to have commercial grade safes installed. These fire-rated and burglary preventive safes are perfect for important documents and products that shouldn’t be kept out in the open.

Commercial grade safes offer a higher grade of security than residential safes in durability and protection. For example, the commercial safes at Alford Safe & Lock have high drop proof ratings of 35 feet, backup relockers, and can be deadbolted to the floor for extra protection.

Be Prepared for Threats Coming from Inside and Outside the Building

Everyone has seen panic door locks in school buildings, movie theaters, and shopping malls. While panic door hardware and locks are great for letting people out of a space when there is an emergency, they are also great at keeping people out of a space as well. A good way to beef up the security of your building and provide better safety measures for your employees and customers is to install panic locks. With three-point lock systems and a safety compliant exit bar, you can keep intruders out while keeping everyone inside safe.

Keep Hardware in Working ConditionA properly maintained door handle

Another simple, easy, and cost-effective way of improving the security of your company is maintaining your lock hardware. Many business owners have suffered losses because their locks were worn down or their door handles were broken. For burglars, nothing says easy prey like a broken lock. Regularly check your handles, locks, keys, and frames for damage. If you do find any damage, have it fixed immediately by Alford Safe & Lock to reduce the risk of burglary.

Install Security Systems for Extreme Cases

In addition to the above efforts, you can also have a full-blown security system installed. From alarms that notify the police to cameras that stream to your phone, a security system will provide additional security to your building.

When you want to increase your company’s security, call the lock, key, and safe experts at Alford Safe & Lock. We can help you protect your products and business with commercial grade safes, locks, and maintenance. We’ll provide the exact solution you need from our vast selection of products and keep your business up and running.


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