What You Should Put in a Fireproof Safe

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What is the Purpose of Using a Fireproof Safe to Store Valuables?

A fireproof safe adds a layer of protection to all of your irreplaceable documents, precious family heirlooms, and other items in the case of a house fire. When choosing a fireproof safe, you want to pick one rated for 30 minutes to one hour of protection during a high-temperature fire. This type of safe is not only fireproof but burglar-proof too, equipped with high-quality locking mechanisms. Protect your most valuable items inside a fireproof safe from Alford Safe & Lock.

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What Items Should Be Kept Inside a Fireproof Safe?An individual using a fireproof safe to store their valuable belongings

Important Documents

The number one group of items that should be stored in a fireproof safe is your most important documents that are difficult or impossible to replace. Such documents include identification like passports, birth certificates, legal documents, and social security cards.

Any document that you need to keep safeguarded from theft or fire should be put in the fireproof safe.

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Cash & Irreplaceable Physical Valuables

You can keep emergency cash in your fireproof safe. This could be money stored to use in the case of a natural disaster or family emergencies that require immediate cash.

Expensive valuables like rare coins, jewelry, and other keepsakes of value should be stored in a fireproof safe as well. These items are costly or impossible to replace in the case of a fire or burglary.

Safety Deposit Keys

A fireproof safe is a perfect place to keep safety deposit keys. Keeping your safety deposit keys in a fireproof safe will ensure they are not removed or lost by accident. This will help you avoid frustrations later when you need to use your safety deposit key.

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Hard DrivesMoney, and other valuables stored inside of a fireproof safe

Another item that you should keep in your fireproof safe that is often overlooked is your hard drive. Hard drives can hold years and years of family photos or digitized documents.

Business owners can take advantage of fireproof safes, too, by using one to store a hard drive with company data. If there were a disaster at the office, the most important information would be protected.

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Contact Alford Safe & Lock for a Fireproof Safe

The locksmith professionals at Alford Safe & Lock in Baton Rouge carry various residential and commercial safes, including fireproof safes, in different sizes and locking functionalities. Find a fireproof safe that fits your specific needs so you never have to worry about the safety of your most prized items and important documents. Contact Alford Safe & Lock today at 225-387-5386.

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