Key & Lock Services Property Managers Need

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Key and Lock Services for Property Managers

If you’re a property manager, you know that having a reliable company or person for any of the services your properties need is extremely important. Whether those services are painting, plumbing, lawn care, or professional key & lock services, trustworthy and dependable providers are key to maintaining your property, your tenants’ happiness, and your great reputation.

Alford Safe & Lock offers expert key & lock services property managers need in the Baton Rouge area.

Master Key Installationproperty manager holding key to lock for rental house door

As a property manager, you may need to enter a property at any time for:

  • Routine Maintenance
  • To Show the Property to a Potential Renter
  • To Help a Locked-out Tenant Get Back into Their Home

Key and lock services for property managers make your job easier. Stop fumbling around with a large, heavy keychain with hundreds of keys and get professional master keys made for your property’s locks.

Installing a master key system allows you to unlock two or more locks with just a single key. Gone are the days of storing keys in manilla folders marked with the unit number or just guessing which key is the right one. When you hire Alford Safe & Lock for professional master key installation, you’ll easily be able to enter all of your properties with a single master key.

Lock Changing/Rekeying Services for Property Managers

You can never be sure if a tenant has made an extra key, who they’ve given a spare key to, or where they may have dropped a key. For your and your tenants’ safety, changing or rekeying the locks on your property after every tenant is highly recommended. Hiring a trustworthy locksmith with lock services for property managers is the best way to ensure the security of your property, your tenant, and yourself.

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Mailbox Lock Services for Property Managersrow of cluster mail boxes that need lock services to rekey

If your property uses cluster or gang mailboxes for tenants, maintaining those locks is important. Locks that are not maintained on these mailboxes can result in tenants not being able to access their mail.

If your mailbox has a lock that secures the entire cluster, typically mail carriers open these to distribute the mail accordingly. A broken lock or lost key can hinder the deliverability of the mail. A company that offers key and lock services for property managers can also replace the lock on a mailbox if the keys have been lost by a tenant or employee or the lock is damaged.

At Alford, our licensed and certified locksmiths are dependable, trustworthy, and fast. You can count on us to help you with key and lock services for property managers, like routine maintenance and installation of locks for these types of mailboxes.

Routine Lock Maintenance & Repair Services for Property Managers

Just like your property’s plumbing, electrical, or structure, locks need routine maintenance & repair. Leaving locks unmaintained can lead to unnecessary jams or broken locks from tenants struggling with opening or locking their doors. Avoid those unnecessary problems by hiring a locksmithing service to do routine maintenance on your property’s locks.

Routine key and lock services for property managers includes:

  • Lock Maintenance and Repair
  • Lock Replacement
  • Lock Rekeying
  • And More

A locksmith company offering key and lock services for property managers helps you focus on your other tasks, while they ensure the safety and functionality of the lock systems on your property.

Electronic Lock Programming for Property Managers

Many property managers are forgoing traditional lock and key style locks in favor of electronic locks. These offer the same security, if not more, with the ease of a keypad, biometric, or smartphone entry. Electronic locks are also fantastic for employee areas like storage sheds and leasing offices.

Ensure your electronic locks are working correctly and get them installed and programmed by licensed & certified locksmiths. A company that offers lock services for property managers can help you by setting up codes on installed locks and relieve some of the stress by installing the locks properly, while you focus on your job duties.

If you need key and lock services for property managers in Baton Rouge, contact Alford Safe & Lock today. Our locksmiths are courteous, dependable, and timely, so you get the lock & key services a property manager needs without any of the hassles. Call us at 225-387-5386 to talk about the services we offer for property managers.