Maintaining Your Keypad Locks

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Keypad Door Lock Maintenance Tips

The benefits of installing a keypad lock instead of a typical cylinder or deadbolt mechanism to secure your home are substantial. For one, you don’t have to carry around keys, and keypad locks offer tighter security and are more durable than a conventional lock. However, it is important to keep up with keypad door lock maintenance because while they are longer-lasting, they still need to be regularly checked to ensure maximum efficiency.

If you are a homeowner and care about safety, then you need to follow these keypad door lock maintenance tips, so you and your loved ones remain safe.

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The Importance of Keypad Door Lock Maintenancekeypad door lock maintenance of front door keypad lock

If you are a homeowner, or the head of a household, chances are there are other important things on your plate, such as general house maintenance and personal finances. While you may be dealing with other critical tasks, you must make home security one of your top priorities. This is especially important if you have school-aged children in your house.

Protecting you and your loved ones is the main reason why you should keep an eye on keypad door lock maintenance.

Like every other piece of technology, your keypad locks will need regular checkups to ensure everything is running smoothly. If you schedule regular keypad door lock maintenance, then there is a better chance that your device stays up to date, which means no unexpected surprises if it suddenly stops working.

If it has been a while since you’ve checked up on your device, then it may be time to schedule keypad door lock maintenance. Make sure you call a trusted electronic lock programming company to come and check your keypad locks before it is too late.

Keypad Door Lock Maintenance: What to Consider

Learning about keypad door lock maintenance may sound overwhelming at first, but once you understand what goes into keypad door lock maintenance, it is a walk in the park. Here are four tips to consider when learning about keypad door lock maintenance:

  1. Batteries

One of the most common issues that you’ll face with your keypad locks is their battery life. Replacing batteries on an annual battery checkup schedule can help with maintaining your keypad locks. It is recommended by most keypad door lock manufacturers that you schedule regular battery changes. If you installed a commercial keypad lock, you must schedule regular checkups, as you don’t want trespassers on company property.

If you notice you are still encountering problems after replacing the batteries, you could be dealing with a faulty battery or a more serious problem. If you cannot enter your home, you can try an emergency lock override, which disables the keypad for you to unlock the door. You would need to consult the device manual to learn how to do this, as the process for doing this will vary depending on the model.

  1. Clearing or Changing Codes

When maintaining your keypad locks, you should change the codes regularly. Most keypad door locks are configured to allow users to create and change codes through the keypad or a mobile app. For some devices, the code to reprogram the access code is on the back of the lock. So, make sure to write it down before the keypad door lock is installed.

It is recommended that you change the code every month to maximize your home security. Other instances to change your code when maintaining your keypad locks are:

  • After Initial Installation
  • After A Divorce or Breakup
  • If You Shared the Code with Contractors or Other Service Providers Who Needed Access to Your House
  • If You Moved into A New Home with A Keypad Lock
  • If Someone Recently Tried to Break into Your Home

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  1. Factory Resets for Unresponsive Buttonskeypad door lock being used on front door

If you notice your keypad buttons are unresponsive, you may be dealing with a faulty keypad. If you encounter this problem, the first thing you want to try is resetting it to the factory settings. This means any codes that you registered will be lost as the device is set to its original state. Much like an emergency lock override, every device is different, and you’ll need to consult a manual.

If the buttons aren’t working after resetting it to factory settings, you may want to contact customer support. They will offer solutions to resolve the issue for you.

  1. Find a Replacement at Alford Safe & Lock in Baton Rouge

If you’ve maintained your locks over the years and it’s not working despite some troubleshooting, then it may be time to retire the device and purchase a new one. Before you commit to a brand-new keypad door lock, remember to do your research on the best keypad door locks on the market.

Contact the trusted keypad door lock experts at Alford Safe & Lock if you need professional assistance. They know which keypad locks are hot right now for the dependability, and they make quick repairs if you come across problems. Contact Alford Safe & Lock Co. in Baton Rouge at 225-387-5386 for the best keypad lock solutions and services out there.