Lock Changes and Lock Repairs

Broken locks and safes can make anyone feel vulnerable. With safety as our top priority, we provide fast and effective repair services for commercial, industrial, and residential locks and safes across the Baton Rouge area. Since 1946, we have provided professional safe and lock repairs for people and businesses so that they can feel protected and know that their items are secured.

We Carefully Assess Broken Locks

As the premier locksmith company in Baton Rouge, we have worked with every type of lock there is. When you call us about a broken lock, our locksmith technicians will come to examine your lock and repair it within minutes. With over 75 years of experience, we come equipped with the hardware and tools needed to repair any lock you have, including electronic locks.

Replacement & Installation Services for Locks Broken Beyond Repair

After careful assessment of your lock to determine that it is broken beyond repair, we will take the time to explain the problem to you and why it cannot be repaired. But our job is never complete until the problem is resolved. With your safety in mind, our technicians will replace and install a new lock to ensure that you and your items are protected.

Emergency Lockout Service

At Alford Safe and Lock, we understand that lockouts happen. If you’re locked out of your home, office, or safe, call us right away to help you fix any lock or safe malfunction that comes your way. With reliable and effective service, we can open any lock or safe and provide any repair or replacement service needed to finish the job.