Places You Shouldn’t Hide a Spare Key

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When It Comes to Hiding Your Spare Key, Precaution Tops Convenience

You go out for an afternoon jog to get some fresh air and exercise. Not wanting to carry your house key with you on your run, your options are to either leave your doors unlocked or hide your spare key outside. Of course, you want your doors to be locked, so you hide the key in a convenient spot that you can easily access. Thirty minutes later, you come back to find your spare key is gone. You are now locked out of your home and unsure who now has access to your home or if anything has been stolen.

There are thousands of similar stories to the one above that have occurred because of one simple mistake: hiding a spare key in an obvious place. Hiding a spare key that’s easy for you, a friend, or neighbor to find means that it’ll be easy for anyone else to find it too- even trespassers and robbers. To keep your home secure, avoid hiding your spare key in these five places.

  1. Under the Doormat Is Like an Open Invitation Inside

This quite easily might be the most common place that people hide their spare key. However, just because it’s a common practice, doesn’t mean it’s a very effective hiding spot. Similar to hide and seek, if you hide in the most obvious spot, you will most likely be the first one found. Avoid hiding your key under the doormat at all costs.

  1. Don’t Think That on Top of the Door Frame Is a Clever Place EitherOn top of the door is not a good place to hide your key

This is probably the second place a burglar will check for a key to your home. All it takes is one sweep of the hand across the doorframe for your key to be found. It’s important to remember when you’re hiding your key that burglars are people too and will check in spots that any reasonable person would look.

  1. Avoid Hiding It Under a Flower Pot or Anything Else on Your Porch

Anything that can easily be moved is not a safe place to hide a key. It only takes seconds for a thief to pick up the plant and take your key. Flower pots can also be knocked over by a bad storm or a stray cat, leaving your key accessible to the public. When you are hiding a spare key outside, you need it to be somewhere that is secure.

  1. Fake Rocks Are the New Trend to Hide Keys, and Burglars Know That

You think that you are outsmarting burglars by moving your spare key from the door area to somewhere natural like under a rock? Think again. While hiding your key under a rock has the same problem as hiding it under a flower pot, hiding your spare inside a fake rock has its own problems. A fake rock can often be spotted in the mix of rocks in your yard. Burglars also do not live under a rock and know that this is a clever trend people do and will certainly keep it in mind when they are looking for your spare key.

  1. Inside the Mailbox (Even Temporarily) Is a RiskMailboxes are not a good place to put a spare key

This is a less common place, but some have used their mailbox as a temporary hiding spot for dog sitters or any other expected house guests to find and use to gain entry into the home. Even if you are planning to keep the key there for only a short amount of time, your key could accidentally get picked up by the mailperson or intentionally by a nosy onlooker.

So, Where Should You Hide Your Spare Key Then?

The best place to hide a spare key is in a place where people on the street cannot see you retrieve the key. Additionally, you need your key hidden in a secure place with restrictive access. At Alford Safe and Lock, we sell and install spare key boxes that provide your spare key a combination-locked hiding spot that is weather resistant and secure.  Don’t gamble your security on a convenient solution. We’ll help you find a convenient solution that is also better and more secure.

To find the best lockbox for your home and budget, come visit us at Alford Safe and Lock today!

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