3 Reasons Why Landlords Should Rekey Locks

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Rekeying Your Apartment Doors Can Increase Business and Save You Money

If you’re a landlord and you’re not rekeying locks, you are asking for trouble. As a landlord, it is your obligation to provide a safe and secure place for your tenants to live. While you may be wanting to save a few bucks, risking problems further down the road is not an option. If you’re worried about cost, rekeying is simply the best option as it doesn’t cost as much as replacing all the hardware. Not rekeying your locks in-between tenants can end with you in court so don’t risk your tenants’ safety and rekey apartment doors for the three reasons below.

  1. SafetyRekeying apartment locks helps ensure safety

Tenants want to know they are safe in their own home. One of the major concerns new tenants have when renting a new apartment or home is whether the previous tenant returned all the keys and no longer has access to the place. If potential tenants even feel that there is a risk to security, they may decide it’s better to be safe than sorry and decide to rent elsewhere.

Rekeying all of your rental property’s doors can easily secure the units and give possible new tenants peace of mind. When a locksmith rekeys a door, they remove all access from previous keys by changing out the internal lock system and producing brand new keys to match the lock. Your tenants will have nothing to worry about when you rekey your apartment doors.

  1. Cost

As a landlord, keeping costs to a minimum is a top priority. Replacing all the hardware on your doors to ensure the safety of your tenants can become expensive fast. Top locks and door locks both need to be changed when a new tenant moves in but the hardware itself and the labor to install it all is a lot to process as a business.

To solve the issue of cost, you can simply rekey apartment door locks. Rekeying your apartment locks saves you the cost of all new hardware plus the installation cost. While each lock still needs to be serviced, there is a significant cost drop when you choose to rekey over complete lock replacement.

  1. LiabilityAn apartment room with rekeyed locks

As a landlord, you must “maintain the thing in a condition suitable for the purpose for which it was leased, except those for which the lessee is responsible,” according to Louisiana Law. In other words, you need to maintain its proper function. A broken lock on a door or unauthorized access by a third party may cause trouble for you. It’s best to keep your properties secure and in working order to protect you from any legal problems.

To maintain your locks so they are always in working order and also prevent access from third parties, rekey your locks regularly. Rekeying your locks between tenants or on a regular schedule can ensure your locks are always secure. Consult your lawyer for legal advice on this matter as we are not lawyers and are not offering legal advice.

Whether you are looking to save money or want to ensure potential tenants have no excuse to not rent from you, rekeying your door locks is your solution. From increasing security to giving you peace of mind, Alford Safe and Lock can rekey your apartment locks whenever you need. Call us today and secure your leasing property for yourself and future tenants.


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