When to Rekey Your House Locks

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When Should I Rekey My House Locks?

Whether you own a house or rent an apartment, you should always stay on top of your property’s security. Your house locks are the first line of defense against criminals and intruders. So, you should consider rekeying your house locks whenever unexpected circumstances in your life require extra security to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Your first thought might be to change all your locks, but rekeying your house locks is more cost-efficient, and you don’t have to stress over replacing entire systems. Rekeying typically involves a locksmith replacing the tumblers and pins of an existing lock system so a new key can open it. When you need an affordable method to restore home security, rekeying your house locks is your best option.

The locksmiths at Alford Safe & Lock are experts in rekeying your locks as they have served the Baton Rouge company for over seven decades. When you need professional locksmith services to help secure your home or valuables, call us at 225-387-5386.

Rekey Your House Locks When You Move In

When you move into a new home or apartment, it is best to rekey your house locks as soon as you can. You never know if the past owner or tenant still has their keys and could easily access your property. Also, you should consider the possibility of the previous owner lending their keys to someone else or if they made duplicates of their keys.

If you are a landlord, tighten rental property security by rekeying house locks when tenants change. A tenant should only have a key that works with their door and not any other property in the complex. Homeowners and landlords should also have a master key to manage the property’s overall security.

Rekey Your House Locks When Someone Moves Out

Rekeying your house locks soon after someone moves out is essential, especially if the reason for the move was unpleasant. For example, if you had a fight with a roommate or you’ve separated from a spouse or partner, and you believe they will retaliate in a hostile manner, protect your property. Even if the relationship ended amicably, rekey your house locks as it is better to be safe than sorry.

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Rekey Your House Locks After a Forced Entry

If your property was the target of a forced entry, rekey your house locks immediately to prevent it from happening again. Take preventive measures and tighten security if a forced entry hasn’t happened to you, especially if you notice suspicious individuals near your home or an uptick in break-ins in your area.

Install a safe in your home to protect your most valuable belongings for added security. While home locks are the first line of defense against intruders, securing money, deeds and titles, birth certificates, medication, and other valuables in a safe allow peace of mind. When rekeying your house locks isn’t enough, contact or visit Alford Safe & Lock and ask about our line of security safes.

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Rekey Your House Locks If You Lost Your Keys

You should rekey your house locks if you lost your keys or if they were stolen. You never know who has them, so it is better to be cautious before you are a victim of a burglary.

Remember, rekeying your house locks is much cheaper than changing them. When you want to save money and avoid changing your locks, contact a professional locksmith company to rekey your house locks.

Rekey Your House Locks Regularly

When considering your home’s security, it is always important to remember that locks and keys can be damaged or weakened over time. Take a look at your house keys right now. Key ridges are supposed to be sharp. If your key’s ridges are more rounded, it is worn out. If your key is starting to get dull, chances are your lock is, too.

Rekey your old house locks, so you don’t potentially get locked out of your house or become the target of a burglary since weaker locks are easier to break into. Receive regular lock maintenance from a trusted and experienced locksmith company. Alford Safe & Lock provides these maintenance services and alternatives to traditional cylinder locks. Call or visit and check their line of digital keypads.

Alford Safe & Lock Can Help Rekey Your House Locks

When you think it is time to rekey your house locks, contact Alford Safe & Lock. They have the equipment, skills, and experience to handle your unique situation. They also offer additional safety hardware, such as chains, padlocks, and safes to secure your home and belongings. Call us today at 225-397-5386 for expert locksmith services and top-of-the-line security products.