When Businesses Should Change Their Locks and When Locks Should Be Rekeyed

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Companies Need to Change Their Locks for Their Own Protection, but When Should You Rekey Your Locks and When Should You Completely Change them?

As a businessowner, you know how important it is to have a secure work environment. If you have ever opened a new storefront, lost a key, or fired a disgruntled employee, you probably considered changing your locks. What you may not know, however, is there are two methods of securing your locks: rekeying and changing your locks.

Replacing your locks is pretty self-explanatory. If you want to change the lock hardware completely, and there are several reasons to do so, we can replace your locks for you. We can also rekey your locks in situations where replacing them is not necessary. Rekeying a lock is a little more involved but usually less expensive. To rekey a lock, we take the lock apart and alter the locking mechanism. This will change which key operates the lock, rendering old keys useless.

Both rekeying and replacing your locks are important; however, different situations often require different solutions. Now to answer the real question: when should you rekey your locks and when should you replace them?

If You’re Opening a Business or a New Location for the First Time – Rekey Your Locks

Opening the doors to your business can be an overwhelming, amazing experience. Just be sure your excitement doesn’t put your business at risk. Your first order of business once you get into the building should be rekeying your locks. You never know who has keys to the front door that now belongs to you. To keep your space secure, have us rekey your locks first.

Lost keys that causes a businessowner to rekey locksIf a Key is Lost or Stolen – Rekey Your Locks

Losing your key is a frustrating mistake, but you should take action immediately if it happens. Lost or stolen keys can lead to thefts and break-ins if someone else gains access to your business. Protect your business by calling Alford Safe and Lock if a key is ever lost or stolen by your or an employee. We can stop the harm a lost key can cause by rekeying your locks and making your business safe again.

If You Let a Key-Holding Employee Go Rekey Your Locks

Letting someone go can be a tough situation. Even if your former employee returned their key to you, there’s still a chance they have a copy. When you let an employee go, do not risk your company’s security assuming they no longer have access to your building after you think you’ve taken away their access. Instead of replacing your locks when an employee leaves the company, simply have us rekey them. Rekeying your current locks is an easier, cost-effective way to restrict access to your office without the hassle of buying new hardware.

A locksmith making keys

When Your Hardware is Old, Rusty, or Damaged – Replace Your Locks

Like any other equipment, your locks, even mechanical locks, can become outdated or worn. Not only do newer locks have improved mechanics and security, but they are also more durable than a lock that was installed a decade ago. After a while, locks can be worn down through regular use, weather elements, or other factors, making them easier to be manipulated or broken.

Having the proper locks for your commercial building depends on several factors including the type of door, how often the locks are used, and the level of security needed. If you buy locks from a big box store, you may not be getting the right security for your office. Big box stores sell locks made with plastic, and those locks are inferior to the locks a locksmith company provides.  A professional commercial locksmith company, like Alford Safe and Lock, has the knowledge and experience to install better-quality locks that will last longer and offer more protection to your business.

If you need a lock rekeyed or changed, call Alford Safe and Lock today. We can get you back to business in no time.

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