Why You Need a Safe in Your Home Now That Your Kids Are Back in School

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3 Safety Tips for Children Home Alone After School

Going back to school can be an exciting time for children. They can see their friends every day and participate in fun school activities again. However, things might be different after school hours, especially if they are home alone.

If your children are unsupervised after school, make sure valuables or dangerous items around the house, like guns or alcohol, are secure in a safe. Buy a safe today to keep your children safe and follow these safety tips for children home alone.

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Safety Tip for Children Home Alone #1 — Store Important & Dangerous Items in a Safechild eating on tablet home alone

The best safety tip for children home alone is to secure your valuables in a safe. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your valuables lying around because they could be dangerous or you don’t want your child to have access unsupervised, it is best to store them in a safe. Here are some things you can keep secure in a safe:

  • Cash
  • Technology, such as phones or laptops
  • Important documents, like birth certificates or passports
  • Medication

Keep any dangerous items or sensitive information away from your children and protect them when you follow this safety tip for children home alone.

Safety Tip for Children Home Alone #2 — Keep Guns and Alcohol Out of Their Reachgun in a safe showing safety tips for children home alone

Another essential safety tip for children home alone is to secure guns and alcohol in a safe. If you are a gun owner or have alcohol in the house, it is best to keep these items out of reach from children. Guns pose dangerous and life-threatening risks to children, so it is best to keep them away from children as much as you can.

Alcohol should also not be easily accessible to minors, as it is hazardous for them to consume. If minors drink alcohol, it can be harmful as it is absorbed quickly from the stomach into the bloodstream. If children consume too much, it can cause alcohol poisoning, which could present fatal consequences. Keep your children healthy and safe and secure alcohol in a safe.

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Safety Tip for Children Home Alone #3 — Hide Your Safe for Added Security

If you are worried that your children or their friends may try to break into your safe, then you can hide it, so they won’t even know it is there. Safes can be installed in many areas of your home, like the wall or in the floor.

Once they are installed, you can easily conceal them. If you have a safe installed in the wall, you can hang a picture to cover it. Or, if you install a safe into the floor, you can use a rug to hide it.

If you plan to install a safe to secure your belongings from your children home alone, then you need a reliable and trustworthy safe installation company to help you install your new safe. Contact Alford Safe & Lock for expert safe installation for your home.

Ask Alford Safe & Lock About Safes and Safety Tips for Children Home Alone

If you need a quick and easy solution to secure your valuables or safety tips for children home alone, contact the security specialists at Alford Safe & Lock Co. in Baton Rouge. They are experts when it comes to securing your belongings. Call them today at 225-387-5386 and ask about safety tips for children home alone.