New Homeowners — What to Do to Stay Safe

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4 Security Tips for New Homeowners

If you recently became the owner of a new home, congratulations! Owning a home can be an exciting step in your life, whether it is your first or you are moving to a new home. However, there are many responsibilities that come with being a new homeowner, especially keeping a tight grip on home security. While adjusting to the homeowner life can be challenging and hectic, make sure you keep these four security tips for homeowners in mind.

  1. Change Your Lockscouple holding keys smiling feeling safe knowing security tips for homeowners

An important security tip for homeowners is to make sure to change the locks as soon as possible. You should change your locks because you don’t know who or how many people the previous homeowner gave keys to for the house.

While there is a chance these people don’t have keys anymore, you shouldn’t risk it. This is an essential security tip for homeowners to follow to prevent strangers from having easy access to their homes.

If you need a professional and trusted locksmith company to replace your locks, call Alford Safe and Lock. Their expert technicians will install new locks, so you can stop feeling vulnerable and start feeling more secure.

  1. Change Codes

If you recently purchased a house with keypad door locks, then you are in luck! Keypad door locks are typically more secure than conventional locks since they are more difficult to break into. But an important security tip for homeowners who bought a house with a keypad door lock already installed is to change the codes right away.

The previous homeowner probably still knows the passcode, and you aren’t sure how many people they shared the passcode with. Changing the codes won’t be that difficult a task if you have a user manual on hand. Most keypad door locks will allow you to change the code from the keypad or a mobile app.

If you have a garage that is accessed via a garage door code, then it is best to change that code too.

Benefits of Choosing a Smart Lock for Your Home

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Your Neighbors and Neighborhood

Knowing your surroundings is a great security tip for homeowners to follow when determining how much security your home needs. You most likely did your research before you moved into your neighborhood, but you can gain more insight from the locals after you’ve moved in. Have there been any recent break-ins? How active is the neighborhood during the day? Is there active nightlife?

Introducing yourself to your neighbors is another great tip for homeowners as you can learn about the people you live next to. If you establish trust, you can start relying on your neighbors to take care of your house when you are on vacation or away from your home for an extended period.

Not only can your neighbors help you with mail and lawn maintenance while you are away, but potential burglars eyeing your property will be deterred from it if they see someone constantly going in and out of your home.

  1. Install a Safe to Protect Your Belongingshomeowner opening front door lock with key

Investing in a heavy-duty safe to store your valuables is our last and favorite security tip for homeowners. It is never a bad idea to protect your belongings behind safe walls, as they are large and durable, preventing anyone from easily carrying them out of your home.

Purchasing a fireproof safe is an even better security tip for homeowners, as a fireproof safe will protect your belongings in the event of a fire. Secure your technology, personal documents, and any other possessions when you invest in a fireproof safe.

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Learn the Best Security Tips for Homeowners from Alford Safe & Lock

When you contact the security specialists at Alford Safe & Lock in Baton Rouge, they will offer the best security tips for homeowners while also providing the best security services and products. Alford has you covered whether you are looking for a fireproof safe to store your belongings or you need your locks changed. Contact Alford Safe & Lock today at 225-387-5386.