Signs of Tampered Locks

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Make Sure Your Home Is Safe to Enter and Look for the Signs of a Tampered Lock

The locks on your front door are meant to protect you and your belongings inside. The scary reality is that burglars are not always deterred from a locked door. They may try to gain access into your home either by finding an unlocked window or tampering with the locks. Fortunately, not every sign of a tampered lock means that there was a successful entry.

Finding that your home’s locks have been messed with, however, is still an unsettling feeling. After all, your home is supposed to be the place you feel the safest. If you notice something out of the ordinary or your locks do not work like they normally do, there are several indications that your locks may have been tampered with and there was an attempted entry.

Pad lock that might have been tampered withDamaged Hardware Through Forced Entry

The signs of brute force are very obvious and show that someone attempted to break into your home. When an intruder breaks into a home using physical force, they are under pressure to move quickly out of fear of being caught. When they are under pressure, the intruder will leave a lot of telltale signs that they were there.

Signs of tampered locks through brute force include:

  • Bent Latch or Deadbolt
  • Missing Paint Around the Door Frame
  • Wooden or Metal Debris on the Floor

In some situations, an intruder might even remove the lock from the door and try to put it back to avoid suspicion. The lock might feel loose or may not even lock or unlock when you use your key. If you have a feeling that it looks like someone has successfully broken into your home, call the police right away.

Scratch Marks Around the Keyhole Through Lock Manipulation

While a busted lock is a more obvious indication of forced entry, there are also more subtle signs of lock tampering. If you notice small nicks or metal cuts around the sides of the keyhole that were not there before, that can indicate two things: either someone attempted to pick the lock or bump it.

In either situation, the object used can often scrape the outside of the lock, causing tiny scratches or even deep metal scrapes near the edge of the lock.

Picking: Lock picking is the most common method intruders use to gain entry. If someone tries to pick a lock, they are trying to manipulate the lock’s tumblers to open the door without using the actual key. Thieves will generally pick locks with a small, sharp-pointed object such as a pin, pick, or flat screwdriver.

Bumping: Bumping involves filing down a key to act as a saw to divide the lock’s tumblers to open the door. The sharpened key teeth will often nick the edges of the keyhole, and could even cause the lock not to function correctly.

Burglar breaking through a locked door
If You Notice Any Signs That Your Locks Have Been Tampered With, Call the Police Right Away

Discovering that your security has been compromised is a very scary feeling. No one should feel unsafe in their own home. If you suspect that your locks have been tampered with or damaged, do not go inside your home. Instead, call the police to come to investigate.

The certified locksmiths at Alford Safe and Lock can also come to examine your lock and repair it within minutes. We can also replace any broken locks that cannot be fixed with viable solutions such as electronic locks or locks that are resistant to pick locking or bumping.

For more information about how you can upgrade your locks for your home’s security, contact Alford Safe and Lock in Baton Rouge today.

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