Just Closed on a New House? Stay Safe with These Security Tips for New Homeowners

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Closing on a New Home is Thrilling but Gambling Your Items Isn’t. Follow These Often-Forgotten Security Tips for New Homeowners and Stay Safe

It’s finally happening. After years of renting and penny-pinching, you finally saved enough to purchase your very own first home. The paperwork was daunting and signing your name was the scariest and most exciting thing you’ve ever done, but it’s finally yours, and you couldn’t be happier. Moving in all your stuff will make it feel like home too. Before you haul all your valuable possessions over to your new place, however, you might want to consider how to secure your new home is before it’s too late.

At Alford Safe and Lock, we’re providing security tips for first-time homeowners. Consider these security features and potential weak spots and fix them fast to ensure your safety.

Keys in a door lock that need to be rekeyed for new homeownersTip #1 for New Homeowners: Door Lock Changeouts Prevent Break-ins

It may feel momentous when your real estate agent hands over your keys to your new home, but keeping the original keys or locks put you at serious risk. You don’t know how many copies are floating around, and you don’t know how trustworthy those people were, so why risk it?

Ensuring your safety is as easy as:

  1. Changing out your locks
  2. Or rekeying your locks

Alford Safe and Lock can easily and quickly make sure your home’s main access points are secure with lock changeouts or lock rekeying. Lock changeouts are recommended if the locks are no longer functioning well, or you want a better and stronger lock on your door. The previous owner of the home may have installed poor quality locks from a big box store that don’t provide much protection. Big box store locks often have parts within them made of plastic, which can be easily broken and cannot be repaired. Consider having your locks changed out for better quality ones when you move in for better protection.

If you are satisfied with the quality of your locks, rekeying them can be a less expensive way of securing your home. Rekeying your locks is also helpful when all your doors have different keys. Alford Safe and Lock can rekey your doors so they all work with one key. We recommend you schedule this service the day after the closing and the paperwork is finalized. Don’t gamble with your possessions by leaving them in an unsecured home.

A alarm system keypad for new homeownersTip #2 for New Homeowners: Installing a Security System Keeps the Burglars Away

A security system keeps you and even your neighbors safer. A study performed by the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University suggested that as the number of security systems increased in a neighborhood, the number of break-ins decreased. In addition, 60 percent of burglars will change targets altogether when a security system present.

When you move into a new home, installing a security system can help keep you and your family safe and keep your valuables out of criminal hands. Another added benefit is the possibility of lowering your insurance. Check with your insurance company once you install a security system to see if you are eligible for a discount.

While security companies are great at installing security systems, keep in mind that they aren’t always the best choice for lock installation because they don’t specialize in it even if they do provide the service. They often fall into the same big box store trap and install locks that are not the best quality. Those of us at Alford Safe and Lock have seen many problems with the new Bluetooth capable locks they frequently install. To avoid these problems, just call us, and we’ll help install quality locks for your newly protected home.

A new homeowner opening a safeTip #3 for New Homeowners: Secure Your Safe Where it CAN’T Be Moved

Many first-time homeowners make the mistake of not securing their safes firmly. They’ll place them in a closet or in a spare room and forget about them only to have them easily stolen away. We’ve heard the tale many times at Alford Safe and Lock, which is why we want to provide this additional security tip for homeowners: place your safe someplace it can be bolted to the floor. Bolting your safe to the floor will prevent thieves from easily snatching your most valuables items away. If you need help securing your safe, call us, and we will help you secure your safe.

Don’t make the same mistakes many first-time homeowners make – secure your home from the beginning by changing out your locks, installing a security system, and bolting your safe to the floor. You’ll sleep much better in your new home knowing you are safe and sound. For lock and safe services, call Alford Safe and Lock today.

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