What Happens If You Cannot Open Your Safe?

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Safe Won’t Open? Don’t Panic! Alford Safe and Lock Is Here to Help

That moment of panic: you go to unlock your safe and you either forgot the combination or the safe just won’t open at all. There’s an instant feeling of panic that sweeps over you. You worry that your items inside are forever locked away. Your first instinct might be to try and break open the safe yourself, but you shouldn’t. Take a deep breath and don’t do anything rash.

At Alford Safe and Lock, we specialize in opening safes that seem to be permanently sealed shut. As the premier locksmith company in Baton Rouge, we are well-versed in safe opening and making sure that you can access your belongings when you need them.

If Your Safe Is Digital, Replace the Batteries First


It may be simple, but we ask our customers first is if they have tried replacing the batteries in the lock. Often times this resolves the problem. You can do this if your safe has a backup lock such an override key, lock with the battery socket behind the keypad, or an emergency power supply connection. If your safe does has one of these features, be sure to wait a few minutes after replacing the batteries for the system to reboot. If this is not the case, it is best to call Alford Safe and Lock to open up your safe to replace the batteries.

Your Safe Could Be in Lockout Mode

How many times did you try to unlock your safe? If you tried several times with no luck, your safe could now be on a timed lockout. Another possibility is that other people in your home or office could have attempted to open the safe without permission or without success. Wait a couple of minutes before trying the combination again.

DON’T Try to Tamper with the Lock

open lock

The biggest mistake people can make is tampering with the safe lock or dialer. Attempting to break into your own safe could not only create a bigger cost to you, but it can also make take much longer for our expert technicians to open. A quality anti-burglary safe has relock components that further lock down the safe if there are any attempts to break into the safe. Tampering with a safe could make it harder to open, meaning that the only way to get into the safe would be to drill it, which is generally our last resort.

Call Alford Safe and Lock if Your Safe Still Won’t Open

The good news is that Alford Safe and Lock is the safe expert in Baton Rouge. Whether you forgot the combination or your safe has a jammed bolt or lock fail, our certified technicians are available to help you get into your safe so you can get to your belongings.

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We try every solution possible to open up your safe before we resort to drilling to preserve your safe’s condition. Even if your safe is not from Alford Safe and Lock, we will still help you open up your safe. If you are having problems opening your safe, contact Alford Safe and Lock today!

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