6 Reasons to Call a Locksmith

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When to Call a Locksmith for Lock or Key Services

Losing a key isn’t the only time to call a locksmith for lock or key services. For example, getting locked out of your home or moving into a new place are a few reasons to contact a reliable locksmith for services. We’ve outlined when to call a locksmith to help keep you and your property safe.

When to Call a Locksmith – 6 Reasons to Pick Up the Phone

  1. You’ve Lost Your Keys

If your house or car keys are absolutely nowhere to be found, then it’s time to call a locksmith for key services. Professional locksmiths can take care of making a new key with ease. They have the equipment for key making or key duplication and replication. Locksmiths can visit your home or vehicle to make a new key on the spot, or you can bring in a master key for them to replicate.

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  1. You’re Locked Out of Your Home or VehicleWoman locked out of their car

Another obvious time when to call a locksmith is when you’re locked out of your home or vehicle. If you don’t have a master key, locksmiths can still make a new key using the lock.

There are several reasons why you should consider getting a car key replacement from a locksmith. You can avoid the high rates dealerships charge, enjoy faster service, and there’s no need for towing because a locksmith will come to where you’re located.

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  1. When a Key Breaks

When a key breaks in a lock, there’s not much else you can do but call or visit a locksmith for repairs. Locksmiths can extract broken keys from a lock before they help you out with rekeying services. They have the tools and skills to safely get broken keys out of locks and make lock and key repairs quickly. Attempting to get the key out yourself can end up in injury and more damage to the lock, so when a key breaks, that is when to call a locksmith.

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  1. Locks Are Jammed

It’s not a frequent occurrence, but locks can get jammed. Whether it is due to the lock’s age or a substance that gets inside the lock, this is a time when you need to call a locksmith to unjam it. Locksmiths have quality-grade lock lubrication. It’s no trouble for you to visit a locksmith like Alford Safe & Lock in Baton Rouge to pick up a bottle or have one of our locksmiths come over and fix your jammed lock.

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  1. Your Home Just Had a Break-in

Another scenario when to call a locksmith is after a break-in. One of the most important things to do after a break-in is fix and/or upgrade your locks for optimal security. With new, stronger locks, you can feel safe again inside your home. Locksmiths can explain the differences in locks and suggest the best choices for your home.

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  1. You Just Moved into a New HomeWoman carrying a box

Moving into a new home is also when to call a locksmith to analyze and upgrade your locks. Some homes have older locks that could be easily broken into by burglars. With a brand new key, you can be sure that no one, like the previous owner, has one. A locksmith can help you determine the type of locks your home needs to keep you and your family safe.

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Visit Alford Safe & Lock for Locksmith Services

If you don’t know when to call a locksmith, talk to the locksmiths at Alford. Alford Safe & Lock in Baton Rouge is a full-service locksmith company ready to take care of any lock or key issue you’re facing. Our licensed and experienced locksmiths can provide you with solutions and suggestions for top-notch security. Call or visit Alford Safe & Lock for reliable lock and key assistance.