Why You Should Invest in a High-Quality Safe

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High-Quality, Sturdy Safes Cost Less in the Long Run – Here’s Why

When it comes to buying a safe, your one-stop-shop grocery store probably isn’t the best place to look. The safety of your most valuable items shouldn’t be left up to a safe that sits next to an isle of bicycles. When you want to store items that are worth a lot to you, you need a high quality, sturdy safe that will actually keep your items protected from fire or theft. High-quality safes are worth the little extra money up front because, in the long run, they’ll keep your possessions safe in your home. You may even be surprised how comparable they are in cost and how much better they are in protection.

A fire that will destroy non fire-rated safes

Fire-Rated for Actual Fires

If having a fire-rated safe is the most important feature, you should pay attention to fire rating, how long it’s rated for, and for what temperature. The safes you often find in big box stores really aren’t rated for fire protection. What they have is a thin line of insulation that helps protect the inside of the safe from heat, however, they won’t stand up to 1,000 degrees fire for any length of time. When it comes to your possessions going up in flames, it’s better to bank on a safe that is actually made to resist fire for a given amount of time and has been tested by a third party for accuracy.

High quality, sturdy safes like the ones at Alford Safe & Lock are made with a better grade of insulation with multiple layers for better protection. High quality, fire-rated safes are also tested by a third party and have standard time and temperature ratings. For example, your high-quality safe may be rated for a 30-minute fire at 1,200 degrees, meaning it will keep the items in your safe cool for 30 minutes in that temperature.

Burglar with a crowbar that will open non high-quality safes

Burglar Safe Features that Work

Ever notice how easy it is to pick up those safes that you buy at the one-stop-shop stores? Just as you could easily pick it up off the shelf, burglars can easily pick it up off the floor of your closet and walk away. In addition to how portable they are, they also fail in lock strength and can be easily broken into with a crowbar or by dropping it from a few feet off the ground.

By contrast, high-quality safes have features that make them nearly impossible to break into for the average thief. For starters, they are much larger and can be bolted to your floor so they can’t be carried away. In addition, you can get a high-quality safe that has a relocking feature, which is a separate lock within the safe that activates when the first is tampered with for extra security. High-quality safes also have a drop rating of 35 feet so thieves can’t get to your items just by dropping the safe on the ground. They’d have to tow the large and heavy safe up a 3-story high building before they even got a chance of breaking it open – talk about safe!

High-Quality Locks on Sturdy Safes that Won’t Break

Cheap safes can be broken into easily because of the poor quality of lock placed onto them. High-quality locks are resistant to being tampered with and will not easily unlock or break when met with force. Whether you have a digital or manual lock on a high quality safe, it holds up against brute damage much better than what you’ll find on cheap safes.

Dedicated to the Job at Hand

One size fits all may work for baseball caps or couches but it definitely doesn’t work with safes. The cheap, generic safes you can find in grocery stores likely are not going to protect your items as well as you think. High-quality safes are made and graded to protect specific items extremely well. For example, you need a different fire-rating to protect paper vs a gun from a fire as paper ignites at 451 degrees and metal can resist higher temperatures. Buying a safe that will guard your specific items is key to the best protection.

Never Have to Start from Square One

In the end, cheap safes will always cost you more money. Whether they break and you have to replace the entire safe or they’re destroyed or broken into, costing you to lose your valuables, a cheap safe will end up costing you a significant amount more than investing in a high-quality safe that could be repaired if needed right from the start.

It’s time to invest in a sturdy safe and actually protect your valuables instead of putting them in the hands of a fake, cheap safe. Alford Safe & Lock is available to answer any questions you may have regarding high-quality safes and which one is right for you. Stop in and you may even be surprised at how affordable a high-quality safe is, especially when you know it will keep your items safe for real. Call 225-387-5386.

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