Why is My Safe Not Opening?

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Why is My Safe Not Opening? – Alford Safe & Lock Has the Answer

There are many reasons why your home safe may not be opening. Here are the most common problems we see when our customers ask us, “why is my safe not opening?” and how to resolve them.

Alford Safe & Lock has been serving the Baton Rouge area since 1946. Trust our experienced and licensed locksmiths to protect you and your valuables with safes, locks, and safety devices. Our unmatched services ensure what’s most important to you is protected. Call 225-387-5386 for unbeatable quality today.

Dead Batteries

If you have a digital safe, then dead batteries are the most common offender of why a safe isn’t opening. Try replacing the batteries and see if you can open your safe again.

To prevent this from becoming a regular problem and causing you to ask, “why is my safe not opening?” make sure you change your batteries on a schedule. At Alford Safe & Lock, we recommend replacing your batteries at least once a year. If you access your safe often (more than once a month), then change your batteries more often as well to ensure you can always get into your safe.

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Lockout ModeA safe with a keypad that is not opening due to lockout mode

Some safes enter a lockout mode after a set number of failed attempts to gain access. Lockout mode is a handy feature in a safe that helps protect valuables from others, but it can be frustrating when you’re on the receiving end.

You may be upset that it is locking you out, but it’s doing its job of keeping your items safe. Many safes enter this lockout mode for a set period of time in which they won’t allow another attempt – after the allotted time, you can try your passcode again.

If you aren’t sure of your passcode or your passcode is not working even after waiting the allotted time, then it’s time to call an experienced locksmith.

A locksmith can help override the lockout and help you get into your safe without damaging it. After opening the safe, the locksmith can help you reset your passcode so you won’t have trouble accessing it again in the future.

If you need an experienced locksmith in Baton Rouge, contact Alford Safe & Lock. Alford Safe & Lock has been the trusted locksmith in the area since 1946 and will fix your safe quickly. Call 225-387-5386 today.

The Bolt is Jammed

If your code works but your safe won’t open – you might have a jammed bolt. In other words, if you hear the motor trying to retract the bolt but you cannot pull the door open, then a jam is likely.

Investigate why your safe is not working by examining the jammed bolt. Locks do wear down over time, so it could simply be a worn-down part. The lock or bolt could also be stuck by an obstruction or a substance that has gotten into the mechanism.  

You can try to fix it yourself with a simple trick. Once you enter the correct code and you are sure the code is accepted, try to work the handle back and forth to loosen the bolt. Then, re-enter the code to try to get the bolt to retract again.

If it opens, be sure to address what is causing the bolt to stick – you may need to oil the bolt, clean the mechanism, or replace worn parts. If your safe is still not working or you need help fixing the problem, contact Alford Safe & Lock.

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Deactivated Code

Electronic keypad safes can be programmed with multiple keycodes. If your code doesn’t seem to be working, it may have been deactivated. Get in touch with someone whose code is working and see why your code was deactivated. You may need to get a new code. After you have a new code that allows you access, you won’t be asking, “why is my safe not working?” anymore!

safe with key stuck inside lock and safe not opening

Broken Key or Damaged Wiring

If a key breaks in the lock, you can try to remove the broken part by gently grabbing the end and easing it out of the lock. If the key is stuck, don’t force it out with excess tugging. It is best to contact Alford Safe & Lock to remove the key. An experienced locksmith can remove the key without damaging the lock. From there, a locksmith from Alford Safe & Lock can rekey your safe so you can access it again.

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If you suspect the wiring is loose on a digital safe, you can remove the keypad’s face and check for loose or damaged wires. If you feel comfortable reconnecting loose wires, you may try this and see if the problem resolves. If the wires are connected, and your safe is not working, you may need to contact a technician at Alford Safe & Lock. The technician can investigate further and rewire or provide services to fix your safe and get it working again.

Forgotten Code

If you forget your access code to your safe, it will be obvious why your safe is not working. Fortunately, you have some options for this problem. Some electronic keypads have reset codes that allow you to reset your passcode for your safe to gain access. Check your safe’s manual to see if it has a reset code.

Manual codes or electronic safes that do not have reset codes will need professional help. A lock and safe expert from Alford Safe & Lock can come and drill a hole into the safe’s face and reset your safe’s code so you can gain access. Drilling a hole into your safe does not compromise the safe’s security, and it can be patched by an experienced technician, like the ones at Alford Safe & Lock. Contact us today at 225-387-5386 for help when your safe is not working.

Get Help from the Experts at Alford Safe & Lock

Still wondering why is my safe not working? The experts at Alford Safe & Lock have years of experience helping customers access their safes and protect their valuables. Contact us today at 225-387-5386, and we’ll provide the help you need so you’ll never have to wonder why your safe is not working again.